1,000 Streams, 800 Wetlands: Send Your Comments

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline and Mountain Valley Pipeline will cut through 1,000 streams and rivers and damage almost 800 acres of wetlands in Virginia, traversing rugged mountain terrain, steep slopes, and sensitive habitats, threatening water sources for both rural and urban Virginians.

Take action to tell Governor Northam and his state agencies to halt construction on these pipelines and require complete stream-by-stream analysis of their impact on water quality.

Governor Northam and his Department of Environmental Quality are asking for public comments on the impacts these pipelines will have on Virginia’s water quality — and they need to hear from you.

Comment period ends at midnight on May 30, 2018.

Send your comments to DEQ (instructions and addresses here).

Note: As of this writing (8 am on May 25) the DEQ Website has been completely down and offline since May 22. This causes a significant problem for people who are trying to use DEQ’s chart to find the official identifiers so that they can reference the specific crossings that they want to comment on. Friends of Nelson has posted the chart of ACP crossings here. You consider submitting comments through the USPS if the website problem persist.

Call the Governor’s office and demand a halt to construction until stream-by-stream analysis on construction impact is complete: 804-786-2211

Sign a petition (or sign all of them!) asking for stream-buy-stream impact studies: