ACP Receives Army Corps Permit

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline has now received authorization from all relevant Army Corps of Engineers offices to proceed with the project in accordance with the Corps National Permit 12 program. The Corps’ Pittsburgh office issued its authorization with a February 7 letter, and the Corps Norfolk, VA and Wilmington, NC offices issued their authorization letters on February 9. The authorizations are part of Dominion’s February 12 filing with FERC.

Did the Army Corps of Engineers ever set foot in the places they are putting at risk before they made a key decision about our streams and water bodies? Not so far as we know.

The Lynchburg News Advance reported on February 14, 2018, that, “The Army Corps permits pave the way for more pre-construction activities along the route of the pipeline. With the permits now in hand, ACP officials on Monday submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission a request for a “limited notice to proceed” in Virginia with non-mechanized tree felling and cutting of vegetation in non-uplands in certificated workspaces along the pipeline right of way, on access roads and in contractor yards. In West Virginia and North Carolina, ACP has asked FERC for approval to begin mechanized tree felling and clearing of trees and vegetation. ACP still must be granted the limited notice to proceed by FERC before it can begin such activity. Additionally, those pre-construction activities only can take place in areas where ACP has signed easement agreements with landowners.”