Air Quality Permit: Additional Information

On August 2, 2018, we posted a story about the comment period and hearings related to the draft air quality permit for the ACP’s proposed Buckingham compressor station (see Send Comments:  Air Quality Permit for Compressor Station).  Our story included instructions for how/where to comment.

Further detailed information about the process is on the DEQ Web page, see

A few specifics from the DEQ page:

  • The Buckingham Compressor Station (BCS) draft permit is the subject of a public comment period beginning August 8, 2018 and ending September 11, 2018. The comment period is specifically for the BCS draft air permit and does not pertain to issues outside the scope of the draft permit such as zoning, noise, traffic or safety.
  • Comments will only be accepted during the formal comment period. Comments received either before or after the advertised start and end dates) August 8-September 11, 2018) will not be part of the record and will not be considered. Receipt confirmation will not be provided for comments received during the comment period.
  • The September 11, 2018, hearing is a listening session and not a question and answer session. Members of the agency in attendance will not be responding to questions or comments at that time.
  • Based on the strong public interest in this facility, it is anticipated attendance will be large. Those wishing to speak will be given a three-minute time restriction in order to allow as many people as possible that want to speak an opportunity to do so in the allotted time. Individuals that wish to make comments during the hearing should bring them in written form to provide to DEQ at the hearing.
  • At the end of the comment period, DEQ will compile, review and respond to comments. Comments similar in content may be aggregated for efficiency. DEQ will evaluate the comments and make changes to the draft permit as appropriate. DEQ responses and changes will be completed prior to finalizing any portion of the draft permit and a response to comments document will be prepared and made available to the public. [We wonder how long this will take, given that DEQ as of this date has not yet made available the comments on waterbody crossings from the comment period ending June 15, 2018.]
  • DEQ will present a report to the State Air Pollution Control Board (the board) on the permit. The board will take final action on the permit at a future meeting of the board. Consideration at that meeting is not a public hearing or new public comment opportunity on the draft permit. Only those persons who submitted official public comments on the draft permit between August 8 and September 11, 2018 may address the board. Furthermore, comments shall be limited to responding to the summary of the prior proceedings including DEQ’s summary of comments received during the public comment period provided to the board by DEQ.

A final section of the DEQ air quality Web page gives additional information on frequently asked questions not covered by the air permit, including site zoning, noise, light, traffic, worker safety, community safety, and facility need.

Send your comments to DEQ between August 8 and September 11!