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Pipe Coatings

In a letter to FERC,submitted as a Motion to Intervene on September 16, 2019, Bill Limpert discusses Dominion’s July 22 and August 23 reports to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). The Dominion reports were in response to FERC’s July 3 request for data regarding possible environmental and health impacts from the 3M Scotchkote Fusion Bonded Epoxy 6233 external pipe coating, and other pipe coating products used for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

Limpert says, “I believe Dominion’s reports significantly understate the risk to public health and the environment from this coating, and other products used on the exterior of the pipe. I believe the reports use questionable data, and questionable methodologies to arrive at unreliable conclusions, and therefore, do not adequately answer the FERC’s request for information, or the concerns raised by the Virginia Department of Health.”

Limpert then critiques Dominion’s July 22 report in detail, covering the lack of leaching studies, the impacts of degradation and the long-term health impacts.

He states, “The Dominion reports use questionable data and questionable methodologies to arrive at unreliable conclusions. They do not prove the pipeline coating is safe, or that there will be no negative health or environmental impacts from the coating and associated products used on the exterior of the pipes for the ACP. They do not reliably answer the questions presented in FERC’s request, nor the concerns of the Virginia Department of Health.”

Limpert’s critique of the July 22 report concludes with a list of recommendations for actions FERC should take, including additional study using valid data and methodology, consultation with federal agencies with expertise, advising the US Fish and Wildlife Service that a 3M Material Declaration states that UV degradation byproducts will be toxic to aquatic life, requiring ACP to conduct pre and post construction sampling for chemicals associated with this coating and other products used on the exterior of the pipes in drinking water wells and springs in the vicinity of the proposed pipeline, requiring ACP to provide a potable water source and fair compensation for drinking water sources that are contaminated by these products, and requiring that all pipes be immediately covered to prevent UV degradation material from becoming airborne.

Limpert also writes a detailed critique of Dominion’s August 23 report.

Read the full letter and the attachments to it here.

Hands Across the Appalachian Trail

Saturday, September 28, 2019 at 11 AM – 1 PM, Humpback Rocks Visitor’s Center and Picnic Area, Milepost 5.8, Blue Ridge Parkway, Lyndhurst, VA 22952
Hosted by Sierra Club Virginia Chapter.  There will be MUSIC!  SPEAKERS!  PHOTO SHOOT!

Join your friends and neighbors at the Fourth Annual Hands Across the Appalachian Trail! Be part of this special weekend of events across the state on Saturday, September 28 and Sunday, September 29, as we work to protect our communities, water, air, land and natural treasures from the threats posed by unneeded and harmful fracked gas pipelines.

The Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast pipelines propose to cross several nationally known and highly popular public recreational areas including the George Washington National Forest, the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Great Eastern Trail, and – the iconic Appalachian Trail. The dedicated work of volunteers, community groups, allies, legal advocates and individuals has led to Stop Work Orders and further delays of the pipelines, and the efforts to stop these fracked-gas project continues.

The Hands Across the Appalachian Trail events features the Appalachian Trail Conservancy’s vision to “connect the human spirit with nature – preserving the delicate majesty of the Trail as a haven for all to enjoy.” Come celebrate the Appalachian Trail, meet others working to protect it and enjoy food, music, and speakers!

The Saturday, September 28 event will take place at:
Humpback Rocks Visitors Center/Augusta County: Humpback Rocks Visitor’s Center and Picnic Area, Milepost 5.8, Blue Ridge Parkway, Lyndhurst, VA 22952

For more information contact:
Jessica Sims: 804-366-0745
We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, September 28!

Other Hands Across the Appalachian Trail events:

Saturday, September 28, 11am-1pm
Giles County/Pearisburg: Route 100 intersection with Appalachian Trail (Trailhead), 2030 Narrows Road, Pearisburg, VA 24134 (Bluff City)

Sunday, September 29, 11am-1pm
Bears Den, 18393 Blue Ridge Mountain Road, Bluemont, VA 20135

Circle of Protection: Bent Mountain

Circle of Protection: Bent Mountain, September 22, 2019, 1 PM – September 23, 8:30 AM
Bent Mountain, Virginia

During Global Climate Strike Week, September 20-27, millions of people from around the world will join young climate strikers to demand climate justice and an end to the age of fossil fuels. Their message is simple: Our house is on fire – let’s act like it.

On Sunday, September 22 from 1-9 pm, “Circle of Protection: Bent Mountain” will use an arts centered format to bring awareness to what is happening locally in Southwest Virginia to exacerbate the climate emergency and what we can do to stop it.

A second event, “Climate Emergency: Tri-State Pipeline Strike”, will feature a rally in downtown Roanoke at 10 a.m. on Monday, September 23.

These two events will draw particular attention to the threat posed to Virginia, North Carolina and West Virginia by the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast Pipelines and the impact that those fracked methane gas pipelines would have on climate change.

“Circle of Protection: Bent Mountain” will be adjacent to the path of the Mountain Valley Pipeline and will gather pipeline resisters and newcomers from three states for an incredible program of events that includes workshops (3-4:30), a potluck supper (5 p.m.), a strategic plenary session (6 p.m.) and a powerful two hour concert (7-9 p.m.).  It also will include small group strategy campfires and optional overnight camping.

Advance registration for Circle of Protection: Bent Mountain is required, and entry is from 1 pm to 5:30 pm.  Sign up to participate at Registration Circle of Protection: Bent Mountain.  Media is invited from 1-9 p.m.


News You May Have Missed


There’s been a lot going on – here are some news items from our In the News page you may have missed (many additional interesting news articles on that page).

Important Action Alert from Wild Virginia

An action alert from David Sligh, Wild Virginia’s Conservation Director:

We’ve just received word that a special deal may soon be attached to a bill in Congress to allow Dominion to change the rules in their favor so they can fast track the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. We need your help today to send a strong message to our elected representatives.  We need them to know to watch for tricks like this from Dominion and to be ready to vote in opposition to any legislation like this.

The time is NOW to contact your senators and representative in Congress today and urge them to oppose any legislation that makes way for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.   Don’t know your senators or representative? No problem!  Find out here.

Note: We don’t currently have a bill number or specific information about the measure that is circulating in Congress but don’t let that deter you from making the contacts. Time could be of the essence and you shouldn’t wait – it is important that our legislators be looking for these attempts whenever they arise and act quickly.

The proposed route for Dominion’s 600-mile Atlantic Coast Pipeline has been a mess from the beginning. It carves through family farms, steep mountain ridges, and public water supplies, and it is slated to cross the Appalachian Trail on U.S. Forest Service land, a move that federal judges say is not legal. Rather than reconsider their poorly-planned project, Dominion is asking the U.S. Congress to change laws to make way for its unneeded gas pipeline.

We will oppose Dominion’s efforts and call on you to do the same – TODAY!  Tell your senators and your representative in Congress that you oppose legislation that would change the rules to make way for Dominion’s unneeded and destructive pipeline.

Thank you again for stepping up and taking action to protect the mountain streams, family farms, private property, water supplies, and Appalachian Trail.


David Sligh 
Wild Virginia
Conservation Director


Charlottesville Youth Climate Strike

The strike will be from noon to 1pm at the Free Speech Wall downtown on Friday September 20, 2019.

Youth activists will strike to demand transformative action to address the global climate crisis and locally, to stop the harmful Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley Pipelines and the compressor station in the historic African American community, Union Hill. Rally speakers include Swami Dayananda of the Yogaville Ashram in Buckingham County and a representative from the Virginia Student Environmental Coalition at UVA; additional speakers will be announced soon.

After a short rally, Charlottesville youth will hold a die-in to draw attention to the devastating effect climate change is already having on vulnerable populations and the uncertain future of all youth.

Following the die-in, Charlottesville youth will march on the Downtown Mall. Virginia Student Environmental Coalition at UVA will be rallying on grounds in the morning and marching from UVA to join the youth rally.

Everyone is welcome! Attendees are asked to bring a sign/or tombstone. If possible, adults should wear black.

Building on a historic surge of student protests and strikes for climate action, the September 20 strike comes ahead of the United Nations Summit on Climate Change three days later, when world leaders will convene in New York with the goal of deepening climate ambition. In over 150 countries, people are already pledging to organize events on September 20 and during the Week of Action that follows.

Charlottesville youth, along with partner organizations Virginia Student Environmental Coalition at UVA, Virginia Interfaith Power & Light, the Green Grannies, several other members of the Cville100 climate coalition, and Charlottesville Democratic Socialists of America, are leading the strike to demand stark climate action be taken by local, national, and global politicians.

“As Union Hill faces the compressor station and pipeline, we stand with them in protecting our region from harmful and unnecessary fossil fuel infrastructure, and highlight the burden upon future generations which will be symbolized by a die-in during the rally,” said strike organizer Gudrun Campbell. “Youth around the world have been striking for months and now we call on you, the adults, to join us.”