Building Pipelines Is Unnecessary

An excellent compilation of information by Mothers Out Front!

From the vantage point of Norfolk and Hampton Roads, Mothers Out Front presents a full and fully documented case against the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley fracked gas pipelines and their effects.

They say, “We believe that the construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) and Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) is unnecessary and will cause serious, lasting and expensive harm to America’s public health, economy, and environment. It seems shortsighted to build pipelines designed to carry fossil fuels, with a cost that customers will bear for over 40 years, when it is likely that 10 years from now those fossil fuels will no longer be used or wanted. This is akin to buying typewriters as computers were developed, or buying Blockbuster stock as Netflix took off.”

They document pipeline effects and explain in detail why Mothers Up Front opposes new local or intrastate natural gas pipelines. They provide a detailed timeline indicating ways “the affected states are starting to realize that these pipelines are not in their best interests”

They state, “One fundamental issue is that the ACP and MVP pipelines are not necessary — existing pipelines are adequate to serve customers for the projected future,” and provide an extensive listing of a wide variety of in-depth resources as background material.

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