Call Northam: Leadership Needed

In the April 30, 2018, Washington Post, Appalachian Voices Executive Director Tom Cormons co-authored an op-ed with former Congressman Tom Perriello calling for moral leadership on the pipelines from Governor Northam. In the piece, they lay out many of the injustices people in rural communities across Virginia have experienced at the hands of pipeline developers and the government agencies that have enabled them.

Similar sentiments have been expressed by Virginia’s elected leaders the past several months. They have called for a stream-by-stream analysis of all waters crossed by the proposed Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast pipelines, the humane treatment of peaceful protesters in the path of construction, and better processes that protect property rights, water and our children’s future.

It’s time for the Governor to lead.  Call Governor Northam at (804) 786-2211. Remind him that during his campaign he called for a stream-by-stream analysis of the impacts these two pipelines would have on our streams and wetlands, but neither the federal agencies nor DEQ have completed that analysis. Last February, he wrote a letter to DEQ, requesting that the agency complete its own analysis of impacts to water, independent of the Trump administration’s blanket permit. Ask him to direct DEQ to do a stream-by-stream analysis of impacts and provide that information to the public.  Ask that he stop pipeline construction and tree cutting until officials have evidence that construction will not violate state water quality standards.

Northam has spoken out against offshore drilling, citing threats to Virginia’s coastal communities, economy and natural resources. Now it’s time for him to stand up for the rest of the commonwealth and protect our property rights, our water quality, and our children’s future.

Call Governor Northam today at (804) 786-2211.