Call Your State Representative: Tell DEQ to Protect Us

The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality is currently speeding through the review of plans to cross hundreds of Virginia water bodies with the massive fracked-gas Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley pipelines. Under the Clean Water Act, the DEQ has the authority to determine whether or not the pipeline mitigation plans meet our Commonwealth’s water quality standards.

Eight Virginia state representatives have already spoken to the DEQ asking them to protect Virginians and our water. We need you to call now and:

  • If your representative is one of the eight, thank them for their support
  • If your representative is NOT one of the eight, urge them to put Virginians over corporate profit and contact DEQ with our concerns!

An Appalachian Voices Web page lists the Representatives that have contacted DEQ, and those that have not, and provides contact information so you can call your representatives to thank them – or to urge them to protect the water we all rely upon.