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Actions for the Week Ahead

Water Is Life. Protect It. calls everyone to take action in the coming week:

1. GET UP! GO OUT THERE!  If I told you someone was coming into your yard to poison your well, you would get up and go out there right?  Get up! Go out there! Some of many good places to show up this week:

  • Saturday: “Die-In” for Virginia’s Air and Water with Red Terry.  Saturday, 2-3 pm with assembly at 1:30. Bell Tower on Capitol Square, 101 N. 9th Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219.  Bring tombstones for clean air and water and be prepared to lie down.
  • Monday: Stand with Union Hill: The Buckingham County Board of Supervisors will hold a hearing on Monday, July 9, 2018 to hear public input regarding a rezoning request to allow the Atlantic Coast Pipeline to install a “man camp” across from the proposed Union Hill compressor station.
  • Tuesday: UPDATE:  According to the July 6, 2018, Staunton News Leader, the July 10 hearing was postponed by the Board of Zoning Appeals to meet requirements as described in the Code of Virginia for the appropriate advertisement of such hearings. A new hearing date will be set.   Stand with Augusta County:  The Staunton Board of Zoning Appeals will hold a hearing on Tuesday, July 10, 2018, 2 p.m. in the Staunton City Council Chambers, on Dominion’s storage of equipment on a lot owned by Staunton Tractor, an improper use of the property which (according to the notice of violation) makes it, “a contractors’ establishment, serving as an operation staging site for a contractor.”

2. WRITE Virginia State Water Control Board members Robert Dunn, Lou Ann Jessee-Wallace, Timothy G. Hayes, Roberta A. Kellam, G. Nissa Dean, Heather Wood, and Robert H. Wayland III ℅ Roberta A. Kellam, P.O. Box 205, Franktown, Virginia 23354 and ask them to meet immediately to stay construction of the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast pipelines until full erosion and sediment control plans are completed, until a needed stream by stream analysis is complete, until legitimate legal challenges against the permit process for both pipelines have had their day in court, until our latest public comments have been examined, and until the numerous environmental violations and court judgments already incurred by both pipelines have rightful investigation and consequences.

3. CALL Governor Ralph Northam and ask that he reappoint State Water Control Board Member and steady water protector, Roberta Kellam whose term ended June 30.  Phone: (804) 786-2211  Email:  Sample email comment:  “I am writing to request that Governor Northam reappoint Roberta Kellam to the SWCB. Her knowledge and history with regard to Virginia’s water safety is invaluable. She has demonstrated fairness and discipline with regard to oversight of water safety standards and related permitting processes. Thank you for this consideration.”

4. CAMP!  Sign up to visit the Miracle Ridge No Pipeline Summer Camp organized by the Limpert family and Chesapeake Climate Action Network.  Witness and protect the old growth forest the Atlantic Coast Pipeline proposes to level.

5. TELL the story to the newcomer!  You were shocked by the facts of the corrupt robberies that are the ACP and MVP.  Keep sharing those facts. Letter to the Editor week? Some sources for that are here, but each member group of the Water is life. Protect it. Coalition and many other grassroots groups in Virginia have facts and videos you can share.   Here’s a fun fact for the newcomer:

6. WATCH! Keep your eyes open.  The citizen monitoring work to show Virginians and their leaders when and where the pipeline construction companies are violating our laws and their permits still needs more help.  FOR ACP: CSI Pipeline Monitoring
FOR MVP: Mountain Valley Watch

7.  JOIN! a pipeline resistance group near your heart and near you and help them.  You, your talents, and your donations are needed.

8. ENLIGHTEN & ENLIST! 27 City and County Democratic Committees have issued public letters to Governor Northam asking that construction on the MVP and ACP be stayed until all the vital information is complete, until violations have been addressed, and until pending legal challenges to their permits have had their day in court. In addition to the 18 in the link below, Shenandoah County, Albemarle County, Charlottesville City,  Madison County, Alexandria, Louduon CoUnty and the city and county of Charlotte have sent such letters. Work with your community’s Democratic or Republican Committee to approve such a letter.

CSI Resources

Friends of Nelson and the Allegheny-Blue Ridge Alliance are striving to connect people with the resources and tools they need to scrutinize, monitor, and fight the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. The Pipeline Compliance Surveillance Initiative (CSI) is a program developed by the Allegheny-Blue Ridge Alliance and its member organizations to support citizen efforts to ensure strict application of environmental laws and regulations in the construction and operation of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP). The need for citizen oversight of pipeline construction has been made clear by observations of recent pipeline projects and inadequate regulatory agency response to repeated violations and water resource harm.

On Friday June 29, 2018, CSI held a drop-in training session at Rockfish Valley Community Center, designed to teach people about the CSI Mapping System and to introduce the many resources and materials available from CSI.

You can re-watch the livestream recording of the Mapping System Walkthrough by clicking here. Have a lesson in using our geographic information system!

Here are some links to resources and materials that should help you link into the CSI program as valuable community contributors:

CSI volunteer options include:

  • Citizen Observers
  • Stream Monitoring Program Volunteers
  • Research and Administration Volunteers
  • CSI First Responders
  • Pipeline Air Force
  • CSI Incident Review

For details see the CSI Outreach Flyer. And share the flyer with friends and family who might be interested! The more volunteers the better!

Please direct any further questions to Ben Cunningham, CSI Coordinator –, or contact Lew Freeman, Exec. Director of ABRA – or 540-468-2769.

Interview with Pastor Paul Wilson

Listen to this 10 minute audio interview with Pastor Paul Wilson on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline by Margaret Prescod on Sojourner Truth. The interview aired on June 28, 2018.

Earth Watch is a regular segment on The Sojourner Truth Radio Show, which airs every week on Pacifica’s KPFK-FM in Los Angeles, CA and around the world online. Global Justice Ecology Project has partnered with The Sojourner Truth Radio Show since the 2009 UN Convention on Climate Change in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Global Justice Ecology Project’s Orin Langelle recently photographed Pastor Paul for an upcoming photo essay. Langelle shares a report back at

No Pipeline Summer: Camp to Save the Limperts’ Land

Sign up HERE for a day hike or an overnight stay at a miraculous old-growth forest in Bath County Virginia, threatened by the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

The biggest regional land-clearing project since the federal highway program of the 1960s is now underway in Virginia. In order to build the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley pipelines, Dominion Energy and EQT are targeting vulnerable communities, destroying precious ecosystems, and threatening the livelihoods of Virginians far and wide.

Enough is enough. Join pipeline opponents in Bath County this summer for a continuous peaceful and family-friendly encampment on the property of Bill and Lynn Limpert. The Atlantic Coast Pipeline is slated to go right through their property, destroying hundreds of its jaw-dropping old growth trees, and decapitating an entire ridgeline known locally as “Miracle Ridge.”

Sign up HERE to schedule a time to visit for a day or camp for a few nights and take a stand with the Limperts. The encampment will start on Friday, June 29 and will run at least until the first week of September when people across the country will call on their leaders for climate action as part of the People’s Climate March.

The Limpert camp will be set up a very short walk from their mountain home. You will be able to park within a few hundred feet of your camping location. Water and emergency phone service will be available at the camp, as well as a full-time coordinator to greet you and provide assistance as needed. Please bring your own camping equipment and food.

Please list every date you are interested in a day visit or camping. You will have the option to participate in community potlucks, go on hikes, join open mic nights, and participate in community forums to discuss the ongoing resistance to the ACP in Bath County. Participants will be calling on all our leaders to stop these pipelines once and for all.

Take a stand this summer and join the No Pipeline Summer: Camp to Save the Limpert Land.

After you fill out the form, you will receive all the details you’ll need regarding location, directions, and more. For insurance purposes, participants must present some form of photo ID upon arrival. Multiple forms of ID including but not limited to a driver’s license will be accepted.


Want to know more about the Limperts and their land?  Watch the video, The Truth Is in the Proof.

Richmond Times-Dispatch news coverage here.

Voices Against Pipelines: Ella Rose

A new video from Appalachain Voices. After working most her life in D.C., Ella Rose returned to central Virginia to retire — only to find out a massive fracked-gas pipeline and compressor station were planned for her peaceful, rural community. She has been a staunch opponent ever since and continues fighting to defend her home from the industrial intrusion. “I love it here. I wouldn’t want to go any place else.”

Compressor stations and pipelines don’t belong near communities. We stand with Ella Rose, who is fighting the pipelines.

Learn more here.

Banner Drop at DEQ

On Thursday morning June 21, 2018, a 10’ x 35’ banner was hung on the front of the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality central offices in the Bank of America Building, downtown Richmond, VA. The banner read “DEQ, 20 Violations. 0 Fines? Do your job! Stop work now! Fracking Poisons water. We are not a sacrificial zone!”

The DEQ’s central offices are in the Bank of America Building on 1111 E Main Street, Richmond, VA and are guarded by Bank of America private security and Richmond City Police. According to River Healers, in January 2018, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality moved all 322 of its central office employees into the 14th, 15th, 17th and 22nd floors of the 24-story Bank of America Building and signed a 124-month lease for 81,553 square feet (street view). Bank of America is the lead financier of two fracked gas pipeline projects currently being constructed in Virginia. Bank of America is the top bank investor of both the Mountain Valley Pipeline ($141 million invested) and Atlantic Coast Pipeline ($255 million invested). Bank of America also finances exploitative fracking companies and extractive oil and gas industries internationally.

River Healers says that 25 sediment and erosion violations have been reported by citizen monitors as part of the Mountain Valley Watch, yet DEQ has failed to issue a single a warning, violation, or fine to MVP contractors or Mountain Valley Pipeline LLC. Additionally, River Healers notes that Virginia Secretary of Natural Resources, Matt Strickler has said that the state does not have the budget or the needed number of trained employees to currently monitor the MVP for violations, yet Governor Ralph Northam has spent over $100,000 dollars for state and county police to act on rural pipeline resistance in Bent Mountain, VA alone, and that citations continue to be issued to citizen monitors working with water protection groups, yet the state has failed to put employees on the ground to monitor pipeline construction and violations.