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[Questionable] Poll Shows [Questionable] Support for ACP

A recent poll conducted by Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA), a nonprofit that says it is dedicated to promoting “rational, balanced energy policies that will ensure affordable and reliable energy” for consumers, says that the majority of voters in West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina support the 600-mile ACP. The report has been reported widely in the press and on TV.

Dominion Energy, the company proposing the pipeline, is a member of CEA.

However, as reported by Energy and Policy Institute (and cross-posted in DeSmog):

  • CEA is a front group paid by Dominion Energy and other oil, gas and utility interests
  • CEA’s press release does not disclose the fact that CEA has received funding from Dominion Energy and other companies with a financial interest in seeing the Atlantic Coast Pipeline go forward
  • CEA has a history of fraudulently representing public support for its clients’ energy projects (Ohio property owners asked the postal inspection service and FERC to conduct a criminal review of CEA in September 2016)
  • CEA was caught submitting a fraudulent petition in 2016 which attacked net metering and defended utility companies’ fixed-rate increase proposals in Wisconsin

See Richard Averitt’s video discussing the poll here.

Divest from Pipeline Support

Where is the money is coming from? Are you supporting destructive and unnecessary pipelines?

Protect and Divest is launching a nationwide divestment campaign to defund the pipelines threatening the East Coast. From Atlantic Sunrise to Atlantic Coast to PennEast to Sabal Trail to Mountain Valley, environmental and native rights are at stake.

Divest your money from the banks funding these projects and show the world that we will not fund our destruction anymore!

For more information, follow this link:

Dominion’s Political Toxicity

Writing in a Washington Post opinion column on May 19, 2017, Mike Tidwell and LaDelle McWorter discuss why an all-powerful corporation is becoming politically toxic in Virginia. “More than 60 candidates for the Virginia House of Delegates have rejected campaign contributions from fossil-fuel giant Dominion Energy. Two candidates for governor, a Democrat and a Republican, have, too. It’s the equivalent of an earthquake.”

Why? Because Virginians are realizing that Dominion’s Atlantic Coast Pipeline construction plans include removing the tops of 38 miles of heavily forested, mostly pristine ridge lines, shaving off 10 to 60 feet to create the wide, flat surface needed for Dominion’s heavy equipment to lay the 42-inch-diameter pipe. Plus much of the needed land would be seized by eminent domain from landowners who understandably don’t want such destruction on their property. (Dominion says they would remove all the rock and rubble, then pile it back again in a treeless heap, and professes to believe that would be environmentally friendly. Of the treeless swath of wasteland, Dominion spokesman Aaron Ruby says, “You won’t even notice it.”

Further, Dominion has dumped toxic coal-ash liquid into major Virginia rivers, wants to bury remaining coal ash right where it currently sits on the river banks (where it is already suspected of toxic leaking) because they say it is too expensive to move it to modern, safer landfills. Plus Dominion wants to build an unneeded $19 billion nuclear reactor at its North Anna plant, costs that would be passed on to consumers. Without Dominion’s throttle hold on Virginia and its legislators, the state might even begin to improve its abysmally low standing in development of renewable energy and start to catch up with neighboring North Carolina and Maryland in solar and wind power.

In a related story reported in the May 18, 2017 Newport News Daily Press, State Senator Chap Peterson, D-Fairfax, wants “to harness a populist wave against the energy giant to pass major reforms in Virginia. Those include a new ban on campaign contributions from Dominion and other public service corporations, as well as an upheaval at the State Corporation Commission, the government branch tasked with regulating utilities and other businesses.”

Shareholders Urge Dominion to Report on Limiting Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Power for the People VA reported on May 14, 2017, that during Dominion Resources’ annual shareholder meeting on May 12, 2017, “some 48 percent of Dominion shares that were voted supported the resolution of a major shareholder, the New York State Common Retirement fund, calling on the company’s board of directors to report on how the company will deal in coming years with the fact that the world needs to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions to an extent consistent with limiting global warming to 2 degrees Celsius.” Dominion did its best to bury the information (as it always does its best to bury information on how far it lags behind in anything addressing renewable energy or reduction of emissions) by only announcing during the meeting that the four shareholder resolutions on the ballot failed to get a majority of votes. But the vote should be a major jolt to Dominion since “the total value of the nearly 198 million shares voting for the resolution was $15.5 billion, based on Dominion’s May 9 closing stock price,” and since shareholder resolutions rarely gather any significant number of votes, particularly when Dominion’s board always recommends a “no” vote on any environment- or climate-related resolution.

Power to the People VA author Seth Heald, who holds Dominion stock and was therefore able to attend the meeting, also describes the blackout curtains Dominion had installed on the glass walkway from the parking lot and in front of the building’s lobby windows. Dominion really didn’t want shareholders to see the demonstrators lining the sidewalks outside!