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Pipelines, Birds, and Coal Ash

From West Virginia Pubic Radio on July 13, 2018, an hour-long audio program on Pipelines, Birds and Coal Ash: A Look at Environmental Coverage Inside Appalachia. “Coal has dominated Appalachia’s energy economy for more than a century. But natural gas is emerging as a new economic force, bringing with it jobs, infrastructure needs and new environmental concerns. In this episode of Inside Appalachia, we’ll hear why some are worried about the risk of water contamination from major gas pipelines being built through parts of West Virginia, projects which also promise jobs in the region.”

End of the Line: Episode 19, Mud

Listen to the new End of the Line podcast, Episode 19, Mud (Original air date: July 6, 2018). Pipeline fighters are keeping their promise to watch Mountain Valley Pipeline’s every move, catching almost daily construction failures that are damaging their creeks and streams, and doing the job that Virginia DEQ is either unable – or unwilling – to do.

An alternate image from End of the Line to go along with their latest Episode “MUD”:

Interview with Pastor Paul Wilson

Listen to this 10 minute audio interview with Pastor Paul Wilson on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline by Margaret Prescod on Sojourner Truth. The interview aired on June 28, 2018.

Earth Watch is a regular segment on The Sojourner Truth Radio Show, which airs every week on Pacifica’s KPFK-FM in Los Angeles, CA and around the world online. Global Justice Ecology Project has partnered with The Sojourner Truth Radio Show since the 2009 UN Convention on Climate Change in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Global Justice Ecology Project’s Orin Langelle recently photographed Pastor Paul for an upcoming photo essay. Langelle shares a report back at

Circle of Protection, June 24

On June 24, 2018, Circle of Protection will feature opening prayers in the Buddhist tradition, musicians Rob Mezzanotte and Brian J Wahl of the Bobby Midnight Band.

Details on our Events page or on their Facebook page.

In the video above, from Circle of Protection on June 17, 2018, Pastor Paul Wilson, of Union Hill Grove Baptist Church in Buckingham County, VA, tells his personal story of how the threat of the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline and the proposed Union Hill Compressor Station have changed his life.

Inspirational Reading

Need something to inspire you in the continued fight against the pipelines? Take a look and the beautiful photos and read the lovely poems and prose on Women and Standing Rock.

Layli Long Soldier, concludes her introductory essay by saying, “On March 5, 2017, six weeks after the current US president signed an executive memorandum to resume construction of the Dakota Access and the Keystone XL pipelines, the Whitney Museum held an event, “Words for Water.” A gathering of artists, all of whom are Native women, presented written and musical pieces in honor of this land, its water, and the people working to protect it. Artists included Natalie Diaz, Heid Erdrich, Louise Erdrich, Jennifer Elise Foerster, Joy Harjo, Toni Jensen, Deborah A. Miranda, Laura Ortman, and myself. Here, we offer a selection of works shared that night to a room tossed by waves of emotions and questions. I do not have the answer to What more does it take? except to say that I know, we all know, it will take more. And toward this, our work continues.”

Circle of Protection

Interfaith Prayer Vigil to protect Buckingham’s air, water, and right to own land from the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline and Union Hill Compressor Station. Expect neighbors, prayer, story, poetry and song. Expect fun.

  • Sunday June 17, 1-2 pm.  Features violinist Justin Esposito and bassist Brian J Wahl of Trees On Fire, and story and opening prayer by Pastor Paul Wilson.
  • Sunday June 24, 1-2 pm.
  • Sunday, July 22, 1-3 pm with indoor potluck and speaker to follow vigil.
  • Sunday, August 26, 1-3 pm with indoor potluck and speaker to follow vigil.

Union Hill Baptist Churchyard (inside if rain), 1496 Union Hill Road, Buckingham, VA 23921.  A collaboration of Friends of Buckingham, Union Hill/Grove Baptist Church, Yogaville, VSEC, & Water is life. Protect it.  Updates here: