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Burn Your Easement Offer!

Richard Averitt’s video shows him burning the letter he received from Dominion offering easement terms for the proposed ACP route behind his house and also through two acres of a 100-acre plot of land nearby. The terms of the offer to him: $13,180 to allow Dominion and the ACP to have permanent access to the 125-foot swathe through the center of his land that would be cleared to bury the 42-inch high pressure natural gas pipeline, land that would be kept cleared in the future, and whose use by him would be severely restricted. By Dominion’s own calculations, they would in the next 40 years make $1.6 million off the easement acres for which they offered $13,180.

Richard’s challenge: Burn Your Easement offer from Dominion and show Dominion and FERC that we won’t back down! (But please be careful not to start a forest fire! Better to burn in a bucket or fire pit.)

For news reports on Richard’s challenge see coverage in Blue Ridge Life and on Newsplex.


Tickets Still Available

Tickets are still available for:

People’s Climate March, April 29, 2017: Tickets still available on the Sierra Club-sponsored bus from Charlottesville to DC for the Climate March. See our Events page listing for further information.

Wild Virginia’s annual Wild and Scenic Film Festival showing in Staunton on April 30, 2017.  If you saw the show in Charlottesville or Harrisonburg, there is an all new set of films in Staunton. See the Wild Virginia page for further information.

Non-Violent Direct Action 101

Participate in this engaging and informative workshop to be introduced to the methods and ideas behind non-violent direct action resistance and get primed for more training sessions to come. The workshop will be held on May 7, 2017, noon-4 pm at the Rockfish Valley Community Center.  Snacks and water provided.

Please RSVP to Ben Cunningham so organizers can plan appropriately for attendance. Contact, 434-882-1893. For further information contact Ben or see the the event listing on our Web page and on Facebook.

Demonstration Outside Dominion’s Annual Shareholders Meeting

The demonstration outside Dominion’s Annual Shareholders Meeting on May 10, 2017, 10:45-12:45, is a great time to send a message to Dominion’s Shareholders and Executives like CEO Tom Farrell and VA Power President Bob Blue that Virginians will not tolerate Dominion’s manipulation of our politicians and DEQ, who allow this corporation to poison our water and our air.

Local groups will be gathering early, 7:45- 8am (TBD), to greet Shareholders and general commuters as they enter the vicinity.  Assemble at the Richmond Convention Center, 5th and Marshall Sts, as the shareholders meeting is about to end, then march to a local Park (TBD) for a Rally with Speakers from the front lines of the Dominion Resistance.  Find further information and details as they are settled on the Facebook event page