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Mother’s Day Pie

Our allies in southwest Virginia who are fighting the Mountain Valley Pipeline urge everyone to join them for Mother’s Day Pie! On Sunday, May 12, 2019, at 3:33 pm (or whenever you like), mothers and those who love mothers will gather wherever they are to share stories, eat pie and proclaim their dedication to protecting and defending our sacred waters. If you would like to participate, please do! Your event can be as large or as small as you like. A simple live stream video with pie-eating and proclamation delivery may be enough, or you might wish to have a large community gathering. It’s entirely up to you and your community.

Film yourself reading a proclamation while you eat your pie – or do the proclamation with a group as call and response.

Depending where you live, there are two related events you may wish to attend, one in VA (Floyd County, at the Anahata retreat center) and one in WV (Summers County, at the Laferriere’s Blackberry Springs farm). We also (really) hope you will consider hosting one yourself!

March with Union Hill; Stand with Appalachia

May 17, 11 a.m. – 2 p.m., Richmond (Click for details) “End Environmental Racism Now: March With Union Hill”

Join members of the Union Hill community and others to rally with Rev. William Barber II in Richmond. We’ll march across the Robert E. Lee Bridge along the same route where 51 years ago, almost to the day, civil rights activists marched during Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic Poor People’s Campaign for economic justice. This year, we’ll be marching for environmental justice in Union Hill, a historic black community in Buckingham County targeted for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline’s massive Virginia compressor station, and to stop all fracked-gas infrastructure in the state.

May 18, 1 p.m. – 3 p.m., Leesburg (Click for details) “Herring, Stand with Appalachia: No Mountain Valley Pipeline”

On Saturday, head up to a rally in Leesburg to call on Attorney General Mark Herring to take every action within his power to halt construction on the Mountain Valley Pipeline. All work on the pipeline should stop while the Attorney General’s enforcement case against the pipeline company is pending, and we will encourage Mr. Herring to pursue his lawsuit against MVP to its fullest and to affirm Virginia’s authority to revoke the pipeline’s certification. Speakers include Karenna Gore, Delegate Sam Rasoul, Delegate Chris Hurst, Professor Emily Hammond of George Washington University, as well as landowners and organizers from along the proposed pipeline route.

Mountain Valley Watch Mapping Webinar Planned for May 7

Mountain Valley Watch (MVW), a pipeline surveillance program sponsored by the POWHR coalition, and Trout Unlimited are sponsoring a special free webinar on the MVW mapping system on Tuesday, May 7, 2019, at 7 pm. MVW was developed to allow for citizen oversight of the construction of the Mountain Valley Pipeline, and to facilitate the enforcement of environmental protections and regulations during that process.

The webinar will be conducted by Jason Shelton of MVW and will help participants learn how to leverage the MVW mapping system to assist monitoring efforts and take citizen oversight to the next level. Among topics to be covered are erosion and sediment control plans, aerial photos and locating and sharing information about established and potential water or visual monitoring locations. Click here for more info and to register for the webinar.

Action Alert: Appalachian Trail

Wild Virginia has issued the following action alert on Dominion’s efforts to build the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline across the Appalachian Trail. Friends of Nelson urges our readers to contact their Senators and Representatives.


The proposed route for Dominion’s 600-mile Atlantic Coast Pipeline has been a mess from the beginning. It carves through family farms, steep mountain ridges, and public water supplies, and it is slated to cross the Appalachian Trail on U.S. Forest Service land, a move that federal judges say is not legal. Rather than reconsider their poorly-planned project, Dominion is asking the U.S. Congress to change laws to make way for its unneeded gas pipeline.

We are calling on you to contact your senators and representative in Congress today and ask them to oppose legislation that makes way for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.  (Don’t know your senators or representative? Find out here.)

Dominion is in trouble. It’s been five years since the company announced that it would build a high-pressure gas pipeline from West Virginia, across the Allegheny and Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, into North Carolina. Today, the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline is broadly unpopular, 50 percent over budget (now a shocking $7.5+ billion), and two years behind schedule.

In December 2018, a federal court in Richmond said that Dominion’s plan to cross the Appalachian Trail was not legal, and it overturned the U.S. Forest Service’s approval of the crossing.  Dominion has already tried to sneak a bill through Congress to change the law and allow our precious federal resources to be harmed. The company won’t stop in its efforts to get senators and representatives to change the law and undo the court’s ruling.

We will oppose Dominion’s efforts and call on you to do the same – NOW!

The Appalachian Trail crossing is one of seven permits that federal courts have overturned or put on hold, all because of Dominion’s careless route selection and rushed permitting. And it’s increasingly clear that the pipeline is not needed to meet electricity and gas demand. Worse, electricity customers in Virginia and North Carolina would be on the hook to pay for the costly new pipeline.

Tell your senators and your representative in Congress that you oppose legislation that would change the rules to make way for Dominion’s unneeded and destructive pipeline.

Thank you for taking action to protect the mountain streams, family farms, private property, water supplies, and Appalachian Trail that we all cherish.


David Sligh 
Wild Virginia
Conservation Director

NO PIPELINE One Day Workshop

Where We Stand in Our Fight Against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline: Saturday, April 13th, Spruce Creek Camp, Nellysford VA

Join us in Nelson County for a one day workshop to learn about our recent successes and upcoming challenges. The workshop on April 13, 2019, will start at 9am and end at 6pm. The workshop’s focus is to bring citizens up to speed on the current state of the fight against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and to further inform and educate them on specific pipeline issues. Besides the list of speakers and topics (below), we will have guided tours nearby of the proposed route, exercises on how to protest safely, and a group discussion on the path forward for those opposed to this 7.8 billion dollar boondoggle project.

Attendees are encouraged to bring their own lunch and a camp chair to sit in.  Box lunches available with advance order – see registration form.  Water, comfort station and a first aid tent with emergency phone service will also be available.

The event will take place on Jill and Richard Averitt’s property where the pipeline is proposed to cross. The location is south of Nellysford, VA across from Bold Rock Cider. The event is free – however, we ask all participants to

PRE-REGISTER by clicking here

.Further Questions? Please email us at

If there is inclement weather, we will have an alternate indoor site available.

Speakers and their topics:

  • Richard Averitt – Eminent Domain and how ‘Quick Take’ violates due process and should be ruled unconstitutional
  • William Limpert – How outside, long term storage of gas pipes deteriorates the coatings and increases the risk of failure
  • Lakshmi Fjord – The proposed Compressor Station in Buckingham County and the plight of the Union Hill Community
  • Rick Cornelius – The Legal Case against the Pipeline and where it stands today
  • Jennifer Lewis – Augusta County’s water supply is at risk due to its Karst topography and the pipeline route’s proximity to the Staunton Reservoir.
  • Tom Hadwin – Why the ACP is not needed, particularly in the Hampton Roads area.

Please PRE-REGISTER here

NO PIPELINE One Day Workshop

Where We Stand in Our Fight Against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline: Saturday April 13th, Spruce Creek Camp, Nellysford VA

Join us in Nelson County this spring for a one day workshop to learn about our recent successes and upcoming challenges. The day long workshop on April 13, 2019, will start at 9am and end at 6pm. We will have expert speakers, nearby guided tours of the proposed pipeline route and exercises and instructions on how to protest safely. The workshop will be free of charge. Donations are always appreciated. The ACP is proposed to go through the property where the workshop will be held, destroying beautiful

Spruce Creek and cutting through the heart of Nelson County’s valuable tourist venues.

Spruce Creek Camp is located off of HWY 151 across from Bold Rock Cider. You will see a large no pipeline sign at the intersection of 151 and Horizon’s Village Road. Follow the signs from there. To reduce costs, please bring your own packed lunch and a camp chair to sit on. If desired, boxed lunches will be available for sale in advance. An email reminder will be sent and you can register for a box lunch at that point in time. Water, comfort station and a first aid tent with emergency phone service will also be available.

Further Questions? Please email us at

*If there is inclement weather, we will have an alternate indoor site available