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No Pipelines! Action Camp

NoACP brings you No Pipelines! Action Camp, Saturday-Sunday September 16-17, 2017

Registration is LIVE

No Pipelines! Action Camp is a two-day direct action camp designed to train the growing movement in Virginia against the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley pipelines. Greenpeace and regional trainers will teach participants ways to use our bodies to protect our communities, our lands, and our climate from powerful fossil fuel interests who want to carve up these beautiful mountains for profit. Understanding in nonviolent direct action is encouraged. Those with experience in direct action and training will have the option of attending a training-for-trainers on Friday September 15, 2017. More details to come after registration.

Big thanks to our partners Friends of Nelson, Blue Ridge Rapid Response, and Greenpeace USA

Training for Water Quality Monitors

Join Wild Virginia for a full-day training session, Saturday, September 16, 2017, near Churchville, Virginia.

Wild Virginia is hosting this one-day training for volunteers to learn how to properly conduct water quality monitoring on streams in Virginia. Trout Unlimited (TU) will teach you how to conduct chemical monitoring on water samples, measure stream flow, test water temperatures and turbidity and conduct visual assessments.

We need monitoring help in Highland and Bath counties in the Upper Back Creek and Upper Jackson River as well as the Cowpasture River watershed. These are priority watersheds that could be negatively impacted by pipelines.

By becoming a water quality monitor, you can protect our forests and drinking water. No prior experience necessary, but a serious commitment to ongoing monitoring once per month is expected.

Event Location:
Mill Stone House
2193 Hankey Mountain Highway
Churchville, VA 24421

Apply Here

Learn more about the Trout Unlimited program with this interactive Story Map

People’s Pipeline Protest

Join the People’s Pipeline Protest, September 12-14, 2017, organized by Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN).

Three days of spirited, creative protests at seven key Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) offices statewide to stop two fracked-gas pipelines. Help CCAN say NO at locations in Virginia Beach, Roanoke, Harrisonburg, Richmond, Abingdon, Glen Allen, or Woodbridge.

What’s the plan?

  • Day 1: Tuesday, September 12th – Lunchtime rally and press conference at noon at all seven of DEQ’s offices throughout Virginia. Local citizens will attend lunchtime rallies on the public sidewalks outside the DEQ offices in Virginia Beach, Roanoke, Harrisonburg, Richmond, Abingdon, Glen Allen, or Woodbridge. Our top message: “Governor, we’ve been asking you for three years to do the right thing and reject these pipelines. Now we ask you to take 48 more hours to deeply reflect on your responsibility to protect human life and the environment, BEFORE deciding to harm our state and your legacy forever.”
  • Day 2: Wednesday, September 13th – Faith leaders and spiritual elders pray for McAuliffe at noon at all DEQ offices. We have interest from spiritual leaders of many faiths, including Christian, Muslim, and indigenous leaders who will offer prayers and meditations for the Governor as he makes a decision of historic consequences very soon. Some venues will include sacred and ancient water ceremonies.
  • Day 3: Thursday, September 14th – Peaceful “sit in” at noon at all DEQ offices. In a culminating appeal, a group of peaceful community leaders led by farmers and landowners from across the state will sit silently across the office entrances in a time-honored act of dignified protest. This will likely be your best and perhaps last chance to exercise your freedom of speech in this most powerful way BEFORE any final state decisions are made.

The goal: The goal is to stop these pipelines by demanding — once again — that Governor McAuliffe simply exercise his legal authority and fulfill his duties under the Clean Water Act. The Governor and his DEQ have responsibility under this water-protection law to make companies prove that water quality standards will be met if the pipelines are built. But the DEQ has refused to do this. And the agency’s review of the harm that will result from crossing over a thousand Virginia streams and blasting away miles upon miles of steep mountain slopes is woefully incomplete. In short, McAuliffe and the DEQ have put their thumbs on the scale in favor of approving the pipelines, remaining irresponsibly tolerant of the public harm that will follow (see more on this above). The goal of the September protests is simply to ask the Governor to fulfill his responsibilities under the Clean Water Act. New York State has stopped two fracked-gas pipelines this way. And Terry McAuliffe must stop the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast Pipelines now!

More information, including background information on why we need to do this (do you know about the PH3 trio?).

Locations of the seven DEQ offices around Virginia.

RSVP here!

File Your Objections to Forest Service Decision on ACP

The deadline for filing objections with the U.S. Forest Service against their draft record of decision for the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) is September 5, 2017. (Deadline for Mountain Valley was August 7, 2017).  Write your letters!

On July 21, 2017, the U.S. Forest Service issued a draft Record of Decision to authorize the use and occupancy of National Forest System lands for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. The Forest Service release statement is available at:

The draft Decision document is available at:

Wild Virginia provides instructions for how, where, and what to file.

Last Chance: Submit Your Comments to DEQ

Tell the Virginia Dept of Environmental Quality that we will not stand for our water being compromised, tainted, or polluted by a fracked-gas pipeline that is NOT for public need or usage. Clean water is our right and not a trade-off so that Dominion can line their pockets with profit at our expense. The DEQ can say NO to Dominion.

Send an email to:

Mail your comments to: DEQ, Office of Wetlands and Stream Protection; P.O. Box 1105; Richmond, VA 23218

The comment period ends at the end of the day on Tuesday August 22, 2017.

TV Ad from NRDC

Here’s the new TV ad that the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is running this week in the Richmond, VA market. While this ad targets Atlantic Coast Pipeline, the call for clean water protection is the same request we have for Mountain Valley Pipeline.

And here is a second video also from NRDC.  The ACP could increase electricity rates in order to transport natural gas that we don’t even need, while threatening drinking water, forests, waterways, wetlands, fisheries, and endangered species in three states. Yeah, it’s that bad. Tell state regulators to kill it.  Send a message here to David K. Paylor, Director, VA Department of Environmental Quality, and Governor Terry McAuliffe asking them to stop the ACP.