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Voices Against Pipelines: Ella Rose

A new video from Appalachain Voices. After working most her life in D.C., Ella Rose returned to central Virginia to retire — only to find out a massive fracked-gas pipeline and compressor station were planned for her peaceful, rural community. She has been a staunch opponent ever since and continues fighting to defend her home from the industrial intrusion. “I love it here. I wouldn’t want to go any place else.”

Compressor stations and pipelines don’t belong near communities. We stand with Ella Rose, who is fighting the pipelines.

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Circle of Protection, June 24

On June 24, 2018, Circle of Protection will feature opening prayers in the Buddhist tradition, musicians Rob Mezzanotte and Brian J Wahl of the Bobby Midnight Band.

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In the video above, from Circle of Protection on June 17, 2018, Pastor Paul Wilson, of Union Hill Grove Baptist Church in Buckingham County, VA, tells his personal story of how the threat of the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline and the proposed Union Hill Compressor Station have changed his life.

The Truth Is in the Proof

The Truth Is in the Proof
: excellent new video focusing on the Limpert property in Highland County.

What if anything can stop the construction of the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley Pipelines? The level of frustration is growing as more people wake up to the reality that the pipelines pose significant danger to fragile ecosystems along their paths. Concerned citizens, landowners, lawmakers, environmentalists and many government officials continue to protest.  Join them!