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Terry’s Trees Come Down

Less than 24 hours after Red and Minor Terry came down from their trees, Mountain Valley Pipeline violated EPA regulations and cut the Terry’s trees along a tier 3 stream. There were many law enforcement personnel surrounding the guardians of the trees – where are they now that MVP is racing to cut? Who will enforce the penalties on MVP?  [Video by Genesis Chapman]

Red and Minor Terry Come Down from Trees

Red and Minor Terry came down from their tree sits on May 5, 2018. Their courage has inspired the many others fighting the pipelines! [Video by Mara Robbins]

Take note of Red’s statement that “our Governor of Virginia needs to step up to the plate.” Call him often, send him a letter or a post card, and tell him to use his authority under the Clean Water Act to stop the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast Pipelines. His number is 804-786-2211.

Red and Minor Terry announced they are going on tour around the Commonwealth this week. One stop: The Wednesday  May 9, 2018, annual Dominion shareholders meeting in Richmond.

The story was widely reported in the Washington Post and elsewhere.  The Blue Virginia story includes several other live videos.

MVP Runs ATVs on the AT

Appalachians Against Pipelines reports that for well over a week, Mountain Valley Pipeline and the US Forest Service have been driving ATVs up and down the Appalachian National Scenic Trail on Peters Mountain.

On April 30, 2018, the Roanoke Times story, ATV traffic on the Appalachian Trail is the latest Mountain Valley Pipeline controversy, reported that “After receiving a complaint Sunday about ATV traffic on an approximately quarter-mile section of the trail that runs along the edge of Giles County, Downs contacted the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which is overseeing construction of the natural gas pipeline. A FERC official looked into the matter and was told that the Forest Service authorized the use of ATVs, according to FERC spokeswoman Tamara Young-Allen. Forest Service officials have also been four-wheeling on the trail, she said. Joby Timm, the Roanoke-based supervisor of the Jefferson National Forest, said through a spokeswoman only that his agency was looking into the matter.”

This video — which shows the view from Symm’s Gap meadow, a famous and popular viewpoint along the AT — is just one example of many documented instances of motorized vehicle use on the AT & the accompanying trail damage.

According to the Forest Service’s website, ATV use is strictly prohibited on all National Forest land in West Virginia. Even the project plan for MVP’s boring under the AT specifically states, “No motorized vehicle traffic is permitted between the Appalachian National Scenic Trail bore pits.” On top of that, the Appalachian Trail Conservancy says, “To protect the Appalachian Trail and the A.T. experience, certain incompatible activities, such as … use of motorized vehicles, are prohibited.”

What can you do?

Call the Forest Service! Report this abuse of the trail, and DEMAND that they stop destroying public lands on behalf of MVP, and that they stop protecting MVP over land and communities!
• USFS Office in Atlanta – 888-603-6430
• Joby Timm, Forest Supervisor – 540-265-5118 – email
• Forest Supervisor’s Office (use employee directory to reach Timm) – 540-265-5100
• Jessica Rubado, Contact for Closure Orders – 503-314-0767 –
• Rebecca Robbins, Public Affairs Specialist – 540- 265-5173 – email

Note added on May 2:  On May 1, the day after their headline story about Trail damage, the Roanoke Times reported that Forest Service apologizes for damage to Appalachian Trail during patrols of pipeline protests. “The U.S. Forest Service apologized Tuesday for damaging the Appalachian Trail with all-terrain vehicles driven during patrols of a pipeline protest. In a news release, the agency admitted that its law enforcement officers used the ATVs from April 11 to April 30 on a short stretch of the scenic footpath that follows the ridge of Peters Mountain in the Jefferson National Forest.”

Northam’s Empty Campaign Promise

An April 28, 2018 article in Blue Virginia points out that “It’s been almost a year since Ralph Northam PROMISED – in response to a question (see video [above]) about the proposed Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast Pipelines: ‘Pam, my wife, and I are going to go around, we want to sit down, we want to have focus groups and talk about how we an protect our environment as best we can, how we can use what leverage we have to make it safe, to make it scientific, to make it transparent, to protect people’s property rights…let’s sit down, put our heads together and talk about as a group how we can move forward…we’re trying to set up times.’ OK, so have I missed something here? Has Ralph Northam held a single ‘focus group’ with concerned citizens on these pipelines? Let alone, has he gone out to visit the tree and ‘monopod’ sitters first hand? If not, why not?”

ACP Impact Statements from Union Hill

Atlantic Coast Pipeline impact statements from members of the Union Hill community in Buckingham County. Dominion wants to put the sole Virginia ACP compressor station in the heart of this small historically Black community founded by descendants of freed slaves. Local residents see the pipeline company’s disregard for their community as part of an established history of environmental racism in Virginia.