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Frack Me

Frack Me is the second single off of Tracy Howe’s Things That Grow Album. (Available now at Frack Me is a direct call-out of the corporate and government corruption surrounding pipeline construction in the United States. Film by YC Imaging.

Sign the Petition

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The Stand with Union Hill Concert of Prayer on December 18, 2018, was an interfaith prayer vigil to bring protection against the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline compressor station in Union Hill on the eve an important meeting by the Air Pollution Control Board.

But on December 19, 2018, the Air Pollution Control Board and the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality dodged valid legal challenges to their procedure, outrage over Governor Northam’s recent stacking of board members in Dominion’s favor, and the presence of over 150 concerned citizens, by not voting and by declaring a new public comment period, limited in time and scope, for the proposed ACP compressor station at Union Hill.

Help turn this setback into a victory by signing the petition.

At 54,000 horsepower, the proposed compressor station, a giant, even by industry standards, has been sited in the center of an historic African American freedman community on a former slave plantation and represents a stark example of environmental injustice.

Northam Dodges Air Board Questions

Speaking on November 28, 2018, during his regular appearance on WTOP, Northam dodges three questions on the Air Pollution Control Board.  If, as he says, he takes the environment very seriously, he should allow the Board members who have studied the issues and heard all the presentations to vote on December 10, 2018.

He says he expected the Board to vote in November and did not expect the new appointees to vote on the compressor statement permit – but if that were really true, he would have waited to appoint the new members until after December 10 (instead of five days after the November hearing).

Call him out: 804-786-2211

Audio Transcript from Air Control Board Hearing

At the Virginia Air Board hearing on Dominion’s proposed fracked-gas compressor station in Buckingham, board member Sam Bleicher asked tough questions why this dangerous compressor station and the ACP are needed. Dominion was unable to answer these simple questions.

On Friday, Northam removed and replaced Mr. Bleicher from the Air Board ahead of the final vote on the permit. Here’s how it all played out.

Video created by Chesapeake Climate Action Network.  Audio reenactment taken directly from a transcript from the State Air Pollution Control Board meeting on November 9, 2018.

Live Stream from Thursday Air Pollution Control Board Meeting

Live from Richmond at the Air Pollution Control Board meeting on Thursday November 8, 2018, as the Board hears testimony on the air pollution permit for the proposed fracked-gas Buckingham Compressor Station.