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Video: Beyond the Pipeline

A new video, Beyond the Pipeline, focuses on ways individuals and communities in Augusta, Nelson, and Buckingham counties are coming together to stand up against the ACP.

Lee White: “It starts on the local level. We have to act. We have to step up. It’s our responsibility.”

Richard Averitt: “We’re fighting an extraordinarily powerful enterprise. And really, at its core, we’re fighting things that are so hard-baked into our legal system, and our society, and the incentives that are there, that you recognize when you get into this that it’s not really about the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. That’s a symptom of a much, much bigger problem, and it’s going to take all of us to turn it around.”

Join us in the fight!

(A production of Amanda Joy Photographics, Conservation Division.)

Keeping Up the Fight

The Nelson County Times for December 27, 2017, includes an excellent review of the fight against the ACP in Nelson County, featuring Joyce Burton, Eleanor Amidon, and Deborah Kushner. For them, as for may of us, Dominion’s proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline split life into before and after. “‘Boy, that was a different age,’ [Kushner] said. ‘The pre-pipeline age.’ And there’s now, when hundreds of residents continue to battle the project.”

The fight started with a handful of shocked residents trying to develop the best first step in resistance. Soon, local nonprofits and other organizations dedicated solely to fighting the pipeline began to form; they were joined by regional chapters of larger organizations.

“‘We have never seen this kind of uprising of people in this state on an environmental issue,’ David Sligh, an environmental attorney, former DEQ engineer, conservation director for Wild Virginia and investigator for the Dominion Pipeline Monitoring Coalition, told the Richmond Times-Dispatch following the [Virginia State Water Control] Board’s Dec. 12 decision. ‘I’ve been working on these issues for over 35 years, and I have never seen this kind of effort. I have never seen this kind of unity. And that is important, and I think they recognize this.'”

Yes, we are still fighting! The pipeline is not a done deal!

No Pipelines! Action Camp

NoACP brings you No Pipelines! Action Camp, Saturday-Sunday September 16-17, 2017

Registration is LIVE

No Pipelines! Action Camp is a two-day direct action camp designed to train the growing movement in Virginia against the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley pipelines. Greenpeace and regional trainers will teach participants ways to use our bodies to protect our communities, our lands, and our climate from powerful fossil fuel interests who want to carve up these beautiful mountains for profit. Understanding in nonviolent direct action is encouraged. Those with experience in direct action and training will have the option of attending a training-for-trainers on Friday September 15, 2017. More details to come after registration.

Big thanks to our partners Friends of Nelson, Blue Ridge Rapid Response, and Greenpeace USA

Training for Water Quality Monitors

Join Wild Virginia for a full-day training session, Saturday, September 16, 2017, near Churchville, Virginia.

Wild Virginia is hosting this one-day training for volunteers to learn how to properly conduct water quality monitoring on streams in Virginia. Trout Unlimited (TU) will teach you how to conduct chemical monitoring on water samples, measure stream flow, test water temperatures and turbidity and conduct visual assessments.

We need monitoring help in Highland and Bath counties in the Upper Back Creek and Upper Jackson River as well as the Cowpasture River watershed. These are priority watersheds that could be negatively impacted by pipelines.

By becoming a water quality monitor, you can protect our forests and drinking water. No prior experience necessary, but a serious commitment to ongoing monitoring once per month is expected.

Event Location:
Mill Stone House
2193 Hankey Mountain Highway
Churchville, VA 24421

Apply Here

Learn more about the Trout Unlimited program with this interactive Story Map

Help Wanted

Use your skills in the fight against the ACP! Friends of Nelson seeks volunteers:

  • Web Team Content Editor: Are you a news junkie who likes to write? We need someone to gather, read, and write synopses of ACP-specific news articles for our In the News page, and to help with gathering, editing, and posting other content on our Web page.
  • Assistant to the Treasurer: Are you a number/detail person? Help with tracking donations and expenses, and with other financial aspects of Friends of Nelson.

See our Volunteer page for details on the jobs and application process..