Compressor Station Site Drone Footage

[Music by Nils Frahm ‘Says’]

From Virginia River Healers: Citizen Drone captured views of Union Hill and areas where Dominion Energy and the Atlantic Coast Pipeline are preparing to build a fracked gas compressor station. As seen from the drone, the 68 acres where the ACP plans to construct their compressor station is situated next to many residential homes and farms. The ACP purchased the land from Variety Shade landowners of Virginia, which at one point was a plantation that profited from slavery. The Atlantic Coast Pipeline paid over ten times the areas average price per acre in an area where the population is 85% African American and one-third of the residents are descendants of freedmen. This is what environmental racism looks like. Dominion Energy and the Atlantic Coast Pipeline must be stopped! This compressor station must be stopped and the violence of all fracked gas industries must end! Stand with Union Hill.

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Measurements in video were taken from ACP interactive maps and the ACP Compliance Surveillance Mapping and may vary dependent on dates. Interpretive drawings were made based and maps and are to help reference proposed infrastructure. For specific accuracy refer to the Dominion Pipeline Monitoring Coalition site at