Conflict of Interest

Is it a transparent, honest, open process when the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) hires a Dominion contractor to review Dominion’s soil and erosion plans for the ACP? Not at all! Nevertheless, as DeSmog reports in their June 28, 2017, investigative article, that this is exactly what has happened.

DEQ has entered into a 2-million-dollar contract with an environmental consulting company to review Dominion’s plans when they are finally submitted. The contract, though not the contractor, was announced on the DEQ’s Water Protection for Pipelines website. That contractor, EEE Consulting, Inc., is also working directly for Dominion on other projects. Moreover, Dominion was given the “opportunity” to review and comment on the consulting company’s proposal before it was issued!

Although Dominion and its supporters have claimed that the project will be built “above and beyond” environmental requirements, the public has yet to see the site-specific plans that are needed for actual analysis, and it is still not clear if the plans will be site specific or generalized or if the public will have a meaningful opportunity to review and provide input prior to project approval.

Meanwhile, a company working for Dominion will be doing a review for DEQ. Conflict of interest? You bet!