Demonstration Outside Dominion’s Annual Shareholders Meeting

The demonstration outside Dominion’s Annual Shareholders Meeting on May 10, 2017, 10:45-12:45, is a great time to send a message to Dominion’s Shareholders and Executives like CEO Tom Farrell and VA Power President Bob Blue that Virginians will not tolerate Dominion’s manipulation of our politicians and DEQ, who allow this corporation to poison our water and our air.

Local groups will be gathering early, 7:45- 8am (TBD), to greet Shareholders and general commuters as they enter the vicinity.  Assemble at the Richmond Convention Center, 5th and Marshall Sts, as the shareholders meeting is about to end, then march to a local Park (TBD) for a Rally with Speakers from the front lines of the Dominion Resistance.  Find further information and details as they are settled on the Facebook event page