Dominion Energy’s Power Grab

On November 15, 2018, Food and Water Watch released a report on Dominion Energy’s Power Grab, detailing the company’s long history of entrenching itself politically to smooth the way for its pollution-for-profit agenda – at great cost to consumers and the environment. Major points from the report:

  • Dominion has spent at least $59 million since 1998 on campaign contributions, lobbying and gifts to influence Virginia legislators and officials, the U S Congress and other states across the country where it has operated.
  • Dominion has repeatedly successfully crafted — and recrafted — Virginia’s electric utility rules to benefit Dominion while driving up electric bills.
  • Dominion’s legacy of pollution continues to threaten communities.
  • Despite Dominion’s slow shedding of dirty coal-fired power plants, its carbon dioxide emissions from its current coal, gas, oil and biomass power plants have been trending upward.

Read the full report here.