Dominion on Stream Crossings in Nelson

John Minear of Horizons Village says: “This is a photo from our neighbor, Dima Holmes, of the stream that runs between our lots at Horizons Village, taken after the recent rains. These kinds of streams are all over the Blue Ridge area of Nelson County. This is the area that Dominion Energy wants to ‘take’ for its Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Here is the document that they posted on FERC [on May 12, 2017] detailing stream crossings in Nelson County. They begin with Pond Hollow and move to the Spruce Creek crossing at 151. They ignore the prior Spruce Creek crossing back up stream that goes from Horizons Village to Richard Averitt’s property. They talk about ‘damming’ as their technique.”

FERC/Dominion never make it easy to find anything! (Perhaps they don’t actually want people to find filings and documentation?) To read the document about stream crossings, go to “Public Appendix A Geohazard Report Pt. 11 pdf” in the list of documents on the Ferc ELibrary page. But the report is obviously not complete, since they omit a major crossing of Spruce Creek upstream from Horizons Village.