Dominion Open Houses

Dominion is holding construction and job fair open houses in Augusta County on April 24 and  Buckingham County on April 25 (see below and on Events calendar for details) to enlighten us about “construction activities, including safety measures.”

Writing in the April 19, 2018 News Leader, Nancy Sorrells, with Friends of Augusta, has some suggestions for questions you might ask:

  • How many jobs will there be for residents of Augusta/Buckingham Counties?
  • Dominion referred to approximately 400 workers showing up each day at the proposed Churchville pipe yard in Augusta, so you might inquire as to where those folks will be living.
  • For communities being impacted by an influx of workers, will Dominion share numbers, expected traffic counts, and roadways being traveled, vital information for area residents who might want to adjust commuter schedules, to schools that might want to alter bus routes, and to our emergency services?
  • Ask for specifics on the length of time pipes can be exposed to sunlight and weather events before the coating starts to degrade, thus endangering communities through which the compromised pipe will run.
  • Ask why pipelines built in the 21st century are failing at a rate faster than any time in history, more often than those put in the ground in the 1940s.
  • Ask Dominion if it is true that they plan to dynamite through streams and backfill them with cement (as shown on some of the very few site-specific plans that have been made public)
  • Ask if they plan to rip off the sides of mountains, insert their pipes, and then attempt to hold those steep slopes in place with heavy-wire mesh fastened to the bedrock with 15-foot nails (as shown on some of the very few site-specific plans that have been made public)
  • Ask if Dominion has seen the photos of their survey stakes under water after the three-inch rain on April 15-16, and whether or not that calls into question the safety of their scheme.

And there are many other questions that you could ask!