Dominion’s Ties to Decision-makers

On Eve of Key Atlantic Coast Pipeline Decision, Here’s a Review of Dominion’s Ties to Decision-makers – an article published by DeSmog on December 5, 2017.

Ahead of the key meetings of the Virginia Water Control Board, “DeSmog is taking a look back at the many instances where the federal and state regulatory review processes for this pipeline were either potentially conflicted by Dominion’s involvement or somehow linked to the company.” Their article considers these facts:

  • Regulator Represented Dominion in Past: “The newest member of Virginia’s Water Control Board has past links to Dominion. Board member Timothy Hayes, appointed by Governor Terry McAuliffe this past August, is a retired lobbyist and attorney who previously represented the energy company.”
  • Government Contractors Also Working for Dominion: “In April, DeSmog revealed that a third-party contractor reviewing the Atlantic Coast pipeline on behalf of FERC is tied to Dominion’s main environmental contractor on the project.” Also, “Soon after, DeSmog reported that another third-party contractor, this time hired by the U.S. Forest Service to review a portion of the pipeline running through national forests, was working at the same time for Dominion on the very same project.” And again, “In June DeSmog revealed that a contractor, hired by the Virginia DEQ to independently review the adequacy of Dominion’s stormwater and erosion and sediment control plans, was working at the same time for Dominion on an unrelated project.”
  • Dominion and Politicians: “Multiple reports from the last year have uncovered the ongoing political connections between Dominion, a traditionally powerful corporate player in Virginian politics, and top political players in both major parties.”