Energy Efficiency: Compare and Contrast

Virginia is dominated by Dominion, but:

These reports are cited in a December 29, 2017, article in Blue Virginia, which discusses how Virginia utilities are significantly underperforming in achieving energy efficiency, ways in which advances in energy efficiency will bring great benefits to Virginia, and suggestions for policies Virginia could implement to achieve the significant advances other states have made.

Meanwhile, in contrast to Dominion’s and Virginia’s dismal record, Germany’s investment in renewables is paying off. Imagine US customers being PAID to use more electricity!

On December 25, 2017, the New York Times reported that Power Prices Go Negative in Germany, a Positive for Energy Users. “German has spent $200 billion over the past two decades to promote cleaner sources of electricity. That enormous investment is now having an unexpected impact – consumers are now actually paid to use power on occasion, as was the case over the [Christmas] weekend.”

The same story was covered in the Independent in Great Britain: Germany energy consumers paid to use power over Christmas as supply outstrips demand. “Demand for energy has particularly been outstripped by supply on weekends this year, when factories across the country tend to power down and many offices are closed. German energy consumers were paid to use power over the Christmas period, thanks to a slump in demand, warm weather and plenty of wind power on the grid, trading data shows.”