FERC 2015 Scoping Meeting Comments

On this page we present the comments to FERC at the Scoping Meeting held on March 18, 2015 at Nelson County High School. Of the 203 people who signed up for one of the 3-minute speaking slots, only the first 78 were able to speak before FERC ended the meeting at 10:45 pm. Please send your comments to friendsofnelson@gmail.com and we will post them. We would like to post your comments even (and especially) if your “speaker number” was above the cutoff and you did not get to speak. In the listing below the * indicates the person was unable to speak at the meeting.

Friends of Nelson urges everyone who spoke – and particularly everyone who did not get a chance to speak – to submit their comments to FERC. See our FERC page for instructions on how to submit comments.