Letters to FERC – Samples

Why do we oppose the pipeline?  Friends of Nelson posts here a selection of letters to FERC from 2014 and 2015 that speak eloquently about the many reasons we oppose the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline.  We hope they will inspire  you to write your letter to FERC (or your second letter, or your third…).

Comments from the March 18, 2015, Scoping Meeting in Nelson County (from people who spoke and those who were not able to speak because time ran out) are on our separate FERC 2015 Scoping Meeting Comments page.

Many organizations and agencies filed comments with FERC opposing the ACP. The comments provide a wealth of information on a wide variety of topics.


Other Letters of Interest

8-18-15 Letter posted to the FERC ACP docket by Peggy and Perrin Quarles. Acknowledging the reasons for the ACP selecting this route, but questioning the negative impacts; the historical and cultural significance of Route 250 through WV and VA are the focal point of the letter.

8-3-15 Charlie Hickox submitted comments outlining a “Southern Alternative route, where roughly 50% is co-located along existing utility corridors, [which] addresses Dominion’s routing goals as stated in Resource Report No. 10. Namely the alternate route segment is approximately the same distance and does not add appreciable mileage to the overall route. Also it intersects the Transco line in Buckingham County in close proximity to the present ACP intersection. Finally the southern alternative route crosses the Appalachian Trail on National Forest land, not on National Park Service land and therefore does not require ‘an Act of Congress’ for approval.”

6-22-15 “Statement of Concerns” sent to FERC by the Woods Mill Home Owners Association, copied to Tom Farrell, Dominion Board Members, many elected and appointed officials, and the news media.

4-28-15 comments to FERC on behalf of Friends of Nelson and Key-Log Economics, one on the economic effects of the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline (includes comments regarding NEPA process, namely purpose and need, scope of the analysis (regional EIS needed), range of alternatives, and cumulative effects, as well as a review of shortcomings of the Chmura and ICF economic impact studies done for Dominion and, finally, my recommendations for the sort of economic analyses FERC should / must complete if its eventual action is to have any hope of serving the economic interests of the public) and one on eminent domain.

4-28-15 comments to FERC from the Rockfish Valley Foundation on the impact of the proposed pipeline on the Rockfish Valley.

4-3-15 comments sent to FERC, written by Betsy Agelesto for Rockfish Valley Foundation

3-25-15 letter on behalf of Rockfish Valley Foundation from Craig Cooper (letter includes attachment with resource listing)

2-3-15 letter from James Kindig, Augusta County,

12-30-14 letter from Elizabeth Purvis Shepard, lifelong Nelson resident.  Another version of this letter appeared in the Nelson County Times for 1/1/15 (scroll down past the letter supporting the pipeline!)

12-12-14 letter from James Bolton, Nelson landowner (letter includes photos, maps, and notes)

12-5-14 letter from Thomas Jefferson Soil and Water Conservation District (includes photos and links)

11-25-14 letter from Robert Herbst, Director, Global Environment and Technology Foundation, former Acting Secretary of the Department of the Interior.

11-24-14 letter from R. Craig Cooper, Nelson  landowner.

11-8-14 letter from Dhyani Simonini, a property owner in Buckingham, discusses impact of the pipeline in the Wingina area in Nelson and adjoining areas in Buckingham on “an area that is well-documented in both Virginia history and archaeology as the site of the lost civilizations of Virginia Native American tribes including the Monicans, Manahoacs, Tutelos and the allies that blended with these tribes as alliances were made and dismantled. The disruption of the final resting places of these Natives will cause the loss of an irreplaceable element of Virginia culture and historic resources. This must not be allowed to happen. The sacredness of a final resting place is recognized even by the state and federal governments, which all too often these days seem to lack any responsiveness to individual rights!”  Attachments to the letter are in a separate file.

Nelson County 13 year old writes to FERC