Flood Carries MVP Pipe Section Off Site

The Roanoke Times reported on October 12, 2018, that flooding from rains the day before carried two 80-foot sections of pipe off the Mountain Valley Pipeline’s right of way onto Dale Angle’s land.   The sections had been left in the right of way before being set in the nearby trench.  “Both had clearly crossed a boundary line drawn earlier this year when Mountain Valley used its legal power of eminent domain to obtain an easement through Angle’s land, despite his fervent opposition.”

Although construction crews can do what then want on the easement, they must have permission to enter a landowner’s adjoining property.

“‘They called this morning wanting me to sign a permission slip’ that would allow company workers onto his property to retrieve two 80-foot sections of steel pipe that floated away, Angle said Friday. ‘I said I couldn’t do it right now. They’ve done destroyed enough of my property. I’m not going to let them do it again.'”

An MVP Spokesperson had few details about how the company might reclaim the lost pipe.

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