Former EPA Official Now Lobbying for ACP

LittleSis is a watchdog network striving to bring more transparency to the role that corporate power plays in shaping public policy. In their online news, Eyes on the Ties, for May 8, 2017, they report that Laura Vaught started work in March 2017 as Dominion’s Federal Affairs Policy Advisor. She is lobbying the Senate, House, key regulatory agencies on issues that include Permit for Atlantic Coast Pipeline and project development and advocacy for the ACP. She is also lobbying the National Park Service, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and the U.S. Forest Service — all federal agencies that must approve the ACP for it to proceed. “However, immediately prior to joining Dominion, Vaught served for nearly six years in the EPA during the Obama administration in a number of positions that involved close contact with elected officials and regulatory agencies.” The article further notes, “She is now using the ties she cultivated in over 20 years of EPA and congressional service to push for Dominion and the ACP.”

Dominion has another “revolving door” lobbyist, Ann Loomis, who worked for Virginia Senator John Warner for 30 years before becoming Dominion’s Senior Advisor of Federal and Environmental Policy in 2007, where she has consistently lobbies for Dominion’s pipeline interests.

Additional information on Dominion lobbying:  check out this graphic showing Dominion’s annual spending on lobbying beginning in 2000, topping out with their 2016 expenditure of $2,730,000 – and that’s in addition to the money given to legislators and candidates.