Friends of Nelson Annual Meeting

A crowd at the Friends of Nelson annual public meeting at Rockfish Valley Community Center on January 12, 2020, enjoyed an extensive and varied potluck, along with great music by local favorites Kim and Jimbo Carey, as we celebrated 5.5 years and counting of our fight against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. And we celebrated the fact that, because of the hard work of committed citizens and the Southern Environmental Law Center, which has resulted in numerous obstacles and denied permits, pipeline builders Dominion and Duke shut down all construction more than a year ago – with less than 6% of the project in the ground so far – and are now struggling to find a way to retool their plans.

We elected Friends of Nelson Officers and Board: Doug Wellman (President), Connie Brennan (Vice-President), Julie Burns (Secretary), and Cheryl Klueh (Treasurer), Jim Bolton, Ellen Bouton, Ron Enders, Woody Greenberg, Charlie Hickox, David Schwiesow, Marilyn Shifflett, and Kathy Versluys. And we gave outgoing President Helen Kimble a standing ovation for her two years of exemplary leadership and incredibly hard work!