From Nelson County to Washington, D.C.: Nelson County Residents Join Protests at FERC


A group of residents from Nelson County traveled to Washington, D.C., this week to participate in a nonviolent action at FERC headquarters that was organized by the group Beyond Extreme Energy.  They joined citizens from all over the country who have been the victims of communicide at the hands of the fossil fuel industry and FERC.

FERC has the power to give away to Dominion our property rights, health, and safety, just as they have done to many around the country through their rubber stamping of infrastructure projects and failure to adequately assess public benefits and alternatives. In Nelson County and beyond, our direct experience of this treatment includes FERC’s unwillingness to hear from the majority of residents who wanted to speak at public meetings (which were stacked to hear pro-pipeline puppets), and their refusal, despite public and federal officials’ outcry, to grant additional meetings.  Furthermore, last Thursday, FERC released the transcript of Nelson County’s March 18th scoping period meeting, and it is so full of errors that it is incomprehensible. They also allowed Dominion to “respond” to scoping comments within two weeks—a deadline that obviously renders Dominion’s review nearly meaningless.  FERC’s negligence shows their regard for our property, health, and safety.

If you wanted to join the protests at FERC this week but were unable to travel to D.C., it’s not too late to participate in Environmental Action’s FERC phone blockade!  You can participate through Friday, May 29th, and all of the information that you need to join in can be found at Environmental Action’s Phone Blockade at the FERC-us page.