Help Repeal 56-49.01 (Survey without Permission)

Currently, Dominion is awaiting the outcome of at least 53 suits in Nelson County against property owners who have refused permission to survey. Dominion sued these people to force access to their properties for surveying under VA code 56-49.01, the “Survey without Permission” statute. For the second year in a row, bills have been introduced in the VA House (HB 1118) and Senate (SB 614) to repeal 56-49.01. If 56-49.01 were repealed this session, these Nelson property owners and others on the route in the same position would be able to continue to fight the pipeline on their property.

We have a good sense from experience last year what the legislators will say to each other to kill the repeal bills before they ever get out of committee.

Facts to share with legislators:
  1. VA 56-49.01, which HB1118/SB614 repeals – deals ONLY with natural gas pipelines. See 56-49.01 here.
  2. Repealing VA 56-49.01 will not affect surveying for other types of utilities.
  3. VA 56-49.01 was enacted in 2004. It did not replace any other type of legislation that forced people to allow access. Gas pipelines WERE built in VA before 2004. Therefore, there IS a way to survey without forcing people.
  4. Repealing 56-49.01 would provide an incentive, now wholly absent, to companies to propose only responsible, necessary projects that are in the public interest, and to treat property owners fairly.
  5. The Federal Natural Gas Act grants companies the right to force people to allow survey, IF FERC grants the Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity at the end of the regulatory process. A judge would determine the terms of access.
  6. WV’s gas pipeline survey law only allows force if the pipeline is deemed in the public interest. 56-49.01 has no such clause.
We’ve provided names, phone numbers, and emails if you want to contact Delegates and Senators individually.  If you want to write one email and send to all, use the grouped email addresses to copy and paste into your email utility.
Special subcommittee on Energy – Subcommittee of the House Commerce and Labor committee – Ask them to support HB 1118!
Del. Terry G. Kilgore (804) 698-1001
Del. Kathy J. Byron (804) 698-1022
Del. R. Lee Ware (804) 698-1065
Del. Timothy D. Hugo (804) 698-1040
Del. Daniel W. Marshall, III (804) 698-1014
Del. Benjamin L. Cline (804) 698-1024
Del. Jackson H. Miller (804) 698-1050
Del. G. Manoli Loupassi (804) 698-1068
Del. Gregory D. Habeeb (804) 698-1008
Del. Ronald A. Villanueva (804) 698-1021
Del. Roslyn C. Tyler (804) 698-1075
Del. Lionell Spruill, Sr. (804) 698-1077
Del. Mark L. Keam (804) 698-1035
Delegates’ emails for copying and pasting in a batch,,,,,,,,,, ,,
Senate Commerce and Labor Committee – Ask them to support SB 614!
Senator Frank Wagner (804) 698-7507
Senator Richard Saslaw (804) 698-7535
Senator Thomas Norment (804) 698-7503
Senator Steven Newman (804) 698-7523
Senator Mark Obenshain (804) 698-7526
Senator Richard Stuart (804) 698-7528
Senator William Stanley (804) 698-7520
Senator Kenneth Alexander (804) 698-7505
Senator John Cosgrove (804) 698-7514
Senator Ben Chafin (804) 698-7538
Senator Rosalyn Dance (804) 698-7516
Senator Louise Lucas (804) 698-7518
Senator Ryan McDougle (804) 698-7504
Senator Richard Black (804) 698-7513
Senator Glen Sturteyvant (804) 698-7510
Senators’ emails for copying and pasting in a batch,,,,,,,,,,,,,,