In May 2017 Northam Pledged Stream by Stream Review

What happened to that pledge?

On April 18, 2018, Blue Virginia writes, “For the record, here’s what Ralph Northam said in May 2017 about the Atlantic Coast Pipeline: 1) we need to be ‘very cognizant’ of property rights; 2) ‘we need to be environmentally responsible;’ 3) he supposedly got the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to move to stream-by-stream, ‘site-specific permit’ system, that ‘anywhere there’s a stream or a river, that there will be a site-specific permitting;’ 4) ‘we will use science and transparency if the pipeline moves forward.’ Also for the record, the state certainly has NOT been ‘very cognizant’ of property rights when it comes to the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (or the Mountain Valley Pipeline); has NOT been ‘environmentally responsible’ on either pipeline; has NOT moved to a ‘site-specific permit’ system on either pipeline; and has NOT used ‘science and transparency’ on either pipeline in this entire process.”

Failing grade for Northam on his campaign promises!