Info on Re-Submitting Comments Filed Under OLD Docket Number


When Dominion filed their formal application, FERC assigned a new docket number for the ACP. Re-submitting your original scoping period comments, filed under the original number (PF15-6), with the NEW docket number is the only way to be sure your original comments aren’t ignored in FERC’s current process.

Don’t know what you submitted under the old docket number? Can’t find a copy of what you sent FERC? No problem! If you can’t find your previously submitted comments, (whether you filed electronically or through the mail), after you’ve looked for them, send an email to volunteer Joyce Burton at She has some tricks up her sleeves to locate those old comments and will do her best to find yours and email it to you within about a week. Then you can re-submit the comment under the new docket number CP15-554.