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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are links to two FAQ sheets.  The first is a general one about the ACP and pipelines (why oppose them, promises about jobs and revenue, gas prices, safety, etc.).  The other answers questions landowners may have (property values, easements, eminent domain, restrictions on your use of your property, etc.), and may help you understand the law and your private property rights (or lack thereof). Please note that Friends of Nelson is not providing legal advice, but hopes to provide information landowners may find helpful in making their own decisions about how to proceed.

Friends of Nelson Fact Sheets (June 2015), 2 pages:  Basic Facts, Residents and Landowners Targeted by ACP

Friends of Nelson Fact Sheet (December 14, 2014):  Negative Impacts to Water Quality Make Nelson an Inappropriate Route

Friends of Nelson Fact Sheet (December 18, 2014):  Nelson County’s Propensity for Erosion, Landslides, and Flooding Make Nelson an Inappropriate Route

Friends of Nelson Fact Sheet (December 18, 2014):  Impacts to Nelson County’s Economy Make the Route Inappropriate

Friends of Nelson Advertisement in the Nelson County Times (January 7th, 2015): (Click the images below to view the full-size versions and read the text, or download the PDFs for the ads here: Page One Ad and Page Two Ad)

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Friends of Nelson Presentation to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) (January 9th, 2015), Presented by Joanna Salidis, Jim Bolton, and Ernie Reed

Friends of Nelson Fact Sheet (October 2014)

Information of particular interest to landowners along the proposed pipeline: