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11-7-14 BlueVirginia: Dominion Virginia Power says its 30 MW Solar Partnership Program likely to top out at “13 or 14” MW. A blog post on Blue Virginia about Dominion’s problems with their solar installations. How could it be possible it costs Dominion nearly twice as much to install solar than the private sector? The lesson seems to be that customers are doing a better job installing solar than Dominion is.

11-4-14 Dominion Asks FERC To Begin Environmental Review Of Supply Header Project. (Dominion’s press release about their FERC filing.)  The supply header would feed the ACP.  “The Supply Header Project is to be built and operated by the company’s Dominion Transmission subsidiary. It would provide an additional 1.5 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day of firm transportation between the facilities of Dominion Transmission and the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline, primarily through looping along existing pipeline rights of way and additional compression at existing stations. In doing so, the Supply Header Project would increase access to natural gas supplies from the Marcellus and Utica basins – and other upstream sources – to Virginia and North Carolina end users.”

10-13-14 Columbus [Ohio] Business First: Dominion Resources wants to raise $350M in pipeline IPO. Although this IPO is for the Cove Point station, the point about why companies need pipelines is interesting: “Drillers want to send natural gas overseas, where it’s more expensive, to help alleviate the glut of dry gas sparked by the shale-drilling boom in places like Texas, Pennsylvania and, to a lesser extent, Ohio.”

10-2-14 WHAG News: Controversial Myersville [MD] Natural Gas Compressor Facility Affects Sewer Line. The construction of a controversial Dominion natural gas compressor station in Myersville MD (against the community’s will) led to damage to the city’s single sewer pipeline. Told by Dominion to fix the sewer line and send a bill, the community is disappointed in the relationship with Dominion that they were told was going to be one of partnership, but feel has turned into just another job.

9-30-14 Power for the People VA: Why Can’t I Buy Solar? “My local monopolist, Dominion Virginia Power, sells only one electricity product: a mix of coal, nuclear, and natural gas…. There are thousands of Virginians like me who want renewable energy and are willing to pay for it. If our utilities don’t want to build it, they should step aside and let customers do it.”

9-18-14 Virginia Electric and Power Company (Virginia Power), a wholly owned subsidiary of Dominion (NYSE: D), announced that it is notifying holders of its preferred stock of its plans to redeem all shares of each outstanding series of preferred stock.

9-2-14 ClimateProgress: Dominion Over Nature: Greenwashing Virginia Utility Is Member of Pro-Pollution Group ALEC

8-25-14 Richmond Times Dispatch: Va. lawmakers accepted $260,000 in gifts, trips. ” Dominion topped the list of gift givers, spending $30,058 on lawmakers – about $14,000 more than the next largest benefactor…”

Dominion Resources contributions to Federal candidates.  Listing from, The Center for Responsive Politics.

8-22-14 Staunton News Leader – Dominion wants to be a good neighbor.
Letter to the Editor by Chet Wade (Vice President – Dominion Corporate Communications, Richmond) explains why (in his view) Dominion is such a good neighbor and why it is in a property owner’s best interests to allow access for surveying.

Williams Transco pipeline, which runs through Virginia, has been approved for expansion.  “The Virginia Southside Expansion would expand the existing Transco pipeline facilities in southern Virginia by 2015, allowing the pipeline to increase deliveries by 270,000 dekatherms per day. The project is primarily designed to fuel Dominion Virginia Power’s new 1,300-megawatt electric power plant planned in Brunswick County, Va.”  Why does Dominion need a new pipeline?

Dominion Response to Inquiries (Dated June 2,2014, this is Dominion’s initial response to inquiries about the pipeline)

5-8-2014 AppalachianVoices:  Look out Cleveland: Shareholders, activists converge on Dominion annual shareholder meeting.  Activists in Ohio and shareholders from throughout Dominion Virginia Power’s service area including Virginia converged on Cleveland on Wednesday May 7, to greet the company’s CEO, Thomas Farrell, board and shareholders as they gathered for Dominion Resources’ annual meeting. At the meeting inside, “Dominion faced unprecedented levels of shareholder concern over the financial and environmental risks of expanding its dirty energy portfolio.”

3-1-14 Virginian-Pilot [Hampton Roads]: In Va. politics, renewable energy dwarfed by big utility. While Virginia’s largest electricity utility enjoys smooth sailing in the halls of the General Assembly, renewable-energy advocates are struggling to get a foothold. “Dominion Virginia Power – which relies overwhelmingly on fossil-fuel and nuclear power generation – easily achieved its top priority in the 2014 session: legislative permission to write off some $400 million it has spent planning a nuclear plant that may never be built. In contrast, advocates of renewable energy failed to achieve their top legislative objective: an incentive program aimed at encouraging installation of solar, wind and other such systems. The differing fates of the two electric-power initiatives provide a telling glimpse of the political-power dynamics in Richmond.”

Chesapeake Climate Action Network’s page on Dominion’s Cove Point MD export facility.