Jobs for Virginians? – NOT!

On January 20, 2018, one day after FERC gave permission to ACP to beginning cutting trees, but before final permits have been issued in Virginia and North Carolina, out-of-state crews arrived in Buckingham County with chain saws.

Irene Leech from Buckingham County reports, “Trees are being cut on the right of way for the ACP right now. None of the trucks has a Virginia license. None of the workers is from Buckingham county where logging is a primary skill. Utah, Arkansas, Ohio, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Texas are represented. Some just have machetes but most have backpacks in which they carry chain saws. The odor of the fuel permeates. They are housed in Farmville – not Buckingham. We do not see anything they might have purchased in Buckingham. FERC gave them the needed tolling order yesterday but they had to be nearby to be at work by about 9am today.”