Legislators Again Ask Northam to Act on Pipelines

A July 26, 2018, letter from two Virginia State Senators and 12 Delegates asks Governor Northam yet again to halt both the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast Pipelines and insist on a stream-by-stream review of the hundreds of spots where they will cross Virginia waterways.

Signing the letter were Senators Deeds and Peterson, and Delegates Keam, Plum, Hope, Kory, Lopez, Rasoul, Levine, Hurst, Guzman, Carter, Foy, and Roehm.

“We believe that your clear and bold leadership on pipelines at this critical time can restore the faith that many of our constituents have lost in their governments’ ability to fight for the public’s interest, at a time when that faith is so desperately needed.”

The letter discusses the inadequacy of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permit the state is relying on for the hundreds of spots the pipelines will cross Virginia waters and urges DEQ to conduct its own individual review of all crossings.

“We also ask you to direct the DEQ to stop work on all construction activities for these two projects until those analyses are complete. Stream-by-stream analysis is a commonsense solution that environmental experts agree is the appropriate process for these circumstances. You agreed with this standard and forcefully advocated for such analysis in early 2017. We hope you will agree that it is time for DEQ to do this robust study now.”

News coverage of the letter in the Virginia Mercury is here.

Read the full letter here.