Natural Gas Pipeline Explodes near Wheeling, WV

Early in the morning on June 7, 2018, a massive explosion in a new natural gas pipeline just south of Wheeling WV sent huge fireballs into the sky that could be seen miles away. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article reported that no one was injured in the blast, which occurred in a rural location. The line that ruptured was a brand new, 36-inch diameter pipe with operating pressure of 1,440 PSI, just put in service in January 2018. TransCanada, owner of the pipeline, had a crew on the scene, but said in a statement that the cause of the explosion is unknown.

According to the article, “In announcing its start in January, TransCanada’s President and CEO Russ Girling said: ‘This is truly a best-in-class pipeline and we look forward to many years of safe, reliable, and efficient operation on behalf of our customers.'”

Is it reassuring to know that Dominion boasts that the ACP, a 42-inch diameter pipe with operating pressure of 1,440 PSI, will also be a truly best-in-class pipeline? No, it’s not reassuring in the least!