Nelson County Board of Supervisors Register as Intervenors

Thanks to the Nelson County Board of Supervisors, who have registered with FERC as intervenors on the ACP.

You can also register as an intervenor – but the deadline is Friday October 23 at 5 pm.  If you haven’t signed up to be an intervenor, we’re holding another workshop to help you do so.  Stop by the Nelson Memorial Library on Friday October 23, any time between 1 and 5.  We’ll help you sign up before the deadline!

The text of the Supervisors’ registration request states, “The Nelson County Board of Supervisors is the governing body for the county, population 14,789 (as of 2013). Dominion Resources Inc. proposes to build approximately twenty-seven miles of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline through Nelson County. The Board of Supervisors is opposed to the project.

“Nelson County is dependent upon agriculture, agritourism, and the tourist industry in general, all of which will be harmed by the project. The County’s mountainous terrain provides the critical backdrop for the business of tourism as well as the quality of life enjoyed by the residents. The pipeline will interfere with this natural resource as well as requiring the disturbance of environmentally sensitive slopes, valleys, coves, and rivers. Besides affecting tourism and the environment, the pipeline will endanger properties of historic and cultural value, reduce property values of those affected, and permanently invade the properties of landowners in the immediate path of the project while contributing nothing to the county or its citizens other than limited tax revenue.

“The Board of Supervisors represents an interest that will be directly affected by the outcome of the proceeding before this Commission and it is in the public interest for the Board to intervene to represent and protect the people and resources of Nelson County.

“The Nelson County Board of Supervisors respectfully requests that it be allowed to intervene.”