New DEQ Web Page Gives Criteria for ACP/MVP Water Quality Certification

How does the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) say it would evaluate water quality certifications for the proposed ACP and MVP? Go to their new Web page to find out. DEQ says, “Due to the size and scope of proposed natural gas pipeline projects in Virginia, DEQ is developing additional requirements to ensure that Virginia water quality standards are maintained in all areas affected by the construction of these pipelines. DEQ will require Mountain Valley Pipeline and Atlantic Coast Pipeline to provide details and site plans to assess whether construction activities in adjacent areas will adversely affect water quality during construction and to ensure that water quality is maintained into the future. This additional certification goes well beyond other regulatory requirements and will protect water quality across the range of pipeline activities, not just temporary construction impacts to streams and wetlands.”

The Web page lists details of five regulatory and review tools that will provide comprehensive oversight and thorough technical evaluation:

  • Environmental impact review.
  • Stormwater, erosion and sediment control.
  • Federal wetlands and stream regulation.
  • Virginia water quality certification.
  • Water quality monitoring.