New Motion Filed to Supplement DEIS

A group of about 25 organizations together under the name of “the Public Interest Groups” has filed a new motion with FERC to supplement the Atlantic Coast Pipeline DEIS based on new filings.

The October 9, 2017, filing argues that. “As stated in the Public Interest Groups’ earlier joint motion and two supplements, the Commission is required to rescind and supplement the DEIS in this matter because ‘[t]here are significant new circumstances or information relevant to environmental concerns and bearing on the proposed action or its impacts.’ At the same time, a new public comment period and hearings should be held after a supplemental DEIS is issued. To not allow the opportunity to comment on an application before it is complete makes a mockery of both the FERC and the NEPA processes.

“Dominion’s practice is to frequently supplement its application without regard for an orderly process and by flaunting FERC and NEPA rules. This has been supported by FERC in its failure to supplement its environmental documents, and allow public review and comment. The application was supplemented some 18 times after the comment period on the DEIS was ended, and even another 5 times after the FEIS was issued. Many of these supplemental filings are not simply de minimus changes but are significant modifications to routes and impact analysis.”

The motion also states that, “Two additional matters require the environmental documents to be supplemented: the impacts of greenhouse gases on the climate crisis, and the plan to extend the ACP into South Carolina.”

The motion asks that, “The Public Interest Groups respectfully renew their joint motion. In this matter, the Commission must take a ‘hard look’ at the new information, review it in the context of the application and current public comments, and then supplement the DEIS to incorporate the new information. At the same time, the Commission should rescind the DEIS and hold the public comment period in abeyance until it issues the supplemental DEIS. Lastly, the Commission should require Dominion to file all additional supplemental information before proceeding further, with full disclosure of all plans to extend the pipeline into other states.”

Read the full motion as filed here.