August 2014 News

8-29-14 Staunton News Leader: REPLAY: Staunton hears pipeline discussion (Dominion at the Staunton City Council with link to the live blog coverage)

8-27-14 Pocahontas Times: Dominion representatives meet with County Commission [Pocahontas County WV]

8-27-14 C-Ville Weekly:  Digging in: Inside Nelson residents’ fight to stop Dominion’s pipeline through the Blue Ridge. Extensive coverage of the Dominion proposal and of Nelson residents’ opposition.

8-26-14 Staunton News Leader: Why do Dominion’s wants trump all we hold dear.  So why does Dominion expect Virginia to relinquish her history, her heritage, her tourist trade and her water supply while they experiment with forcing their pipeline through her heart?

8-26-14 Staunton News Leader: New Dominion corridor brings new concerns. Augusta residents consider responses to Dominion.

8-26-14 Staunton News Leader: Valley can still win pipeline fight with Dominion

8-25-14 Staunton News Leader:  Legislators allow Dominion to trump Constitution. Letter to the Editor from Augusta County Supervisor Tracy Pyles invites people to an information session with topics concerning process, environment, dangers, “public good” and what we can do to assert ourselves. Meeting will be at 9 a.m. Saturday Sept 6 at the Augusta County Government Center.

8-25-14 NBC News:  Danger Beneath: ‘Fracking’ Gas, Oil Pipes Threaten Rural Residents.  “A construction boom of pipelines carrying explosive oil and natural gas from “fracking” fields to market — pipes that are bigger and more dangerous than their predecessors — poses a safety threat in rural areas, where they sometimes run within feet or yards of homes with little or no safety oversight, an NBC News investigation has found.”

8-25-14 Richmond Times Dispatch: Va. lawmakers accepted $260,000 in gifts, trips. ” Dominion topped the list of gift givers, spending $30,058 on lawmakers – about $14,000 more than the next largest benefactor…”

8-24-14 MetroNews Network [Charleston WV]:  Dominion sharing potential pipeline plans with local governments. (In Nelson, Dominion has not shared much in the way of concrete plans and definitive answers!)

8-22-14 Connect-Clarksburg [WV]: Dominion Proposing Pipeline Running from Harrison County to North Carolina. Dominion dismisses landowners who object to Dominion taking their property rights as an “interest group.” “‘We are experiencing some issues in the mountain counties,’ Orndorff said, noting that line currently is proposed to go through Lewis, Upshur, Barbour, Randolph and Pocahontas counties in West Virginia. ‘There are some interest groups that don’t want us there.'”

8-22-14 Staunton News Leader:  Dominion wants to be a good neighbor.
Letter to the Editor by Chet Wade (Vice President – Dominion Corporate Communications, Richmond) explains why (in his view) Dominion is such a good neighbor and why it is in a property owner’s best interests to allow access for surveying.

8-21-14 Staunton News Leader:  Gas pipeline seeking path of least resistance?  Why has Dominion proposed an alternate route through Augusta County?

8-21-14 Highland County Recorder: A compilation of the articles, editorial, and letters in the Highland County Recorder for August 21, 2014 about the Highlanders for Responsible Development public meeting on August 19. Presentations and articles note the difficulty of building pipelines in mountainous terrain like that found in the Alleghenies. It is an indisputable fact that there has never been a 42-inch pipeline built in the Alleghenies by anyone. Dominion has also stated that they have not built a 42-inch pipeline anywhere much less through karst and mountainous terrain.

8-20-14 Nelson County Times:  A closer look: Residents still seek pipeline answers.  Article on Dominion ‘s August 12 presentation to the Nelson Board of Supervisors. Includes photo gallery.

8-20-14 Nelson County Times:  In Augusta County, Dominion discusses safety.  Article on Dominion’s August 13 presentation to the Augusta Board of Supervisors.

8-19-14 LancasterOnline:  Pipeline rage: Hundreds of Lancaster County [PA] residents swarm federal agency with environmental concerns about pipeline

8-15-14 Waynesboro News Virginian:  Dominion details inspections, monitoring of pipeline.  Article identifies Frank Mack as the manager of Dominion Transmission Communications and attributes the following words to him:  “Though no operator can assure or guarantee safety…”  Not comforting words if one’s property is proposed to be in the path of a proposed high pressure 42 inch gas transmission pipeline.

8-14-14 Waynesboro News Virginian:  Dominion answers Augusta County on pipeline project

8-13-14 NBC 29:  Augusta Residents Ask Dominion Reps about Pipeline

8-13-14 Staunton News Leader:  Dominion hears earful from [Augusta] county crowd

8-13-14 Staunton News Leader video from August 13 pipeline meeting

8-13-14 Charlottesville Daily Progress:  Nelson County Residents Protest Pipeline

8-13-14 Richmond Times Dispatch:  Large crowd on hand for meeting in Nelson on pipeline

8-13-14 ABC13:  Dominion meets with Nelson County residents, lays out pipeline plan

8-12-14 Neswplex (Channel 19):  Nelson County residents show strong opposition to gas pipeline

8-12-14 NBC29:  Dozens attend Nelson Supervisors’ meeting with Dominion rep

8-12-14 Roanoke Times:  Nelson County residents want answers about pipeline

8-12-14 WDBJ7 Utility company shares details about proposed pipeline in Nelson County

8-12-14 Baltimore Sun:  Cove Point zoning exemption overturned. A Calvert County MD circuit judge has overturned the Southern Maryland county’s decision to exempt Dominion’s proposed Cove Point liquefied natural gas export facility from local zoning regulations.

8-11-14 NBC 29: People in Nelson Prepare to Hear from Dominion Rep

8-11-14 WMRA’s Virginia Insight program on August 11:  Tom Graham talks with Ernie Reed (Wild Virginia and Friends of Nelson), Nancy Sorrells (Shenandoah Valley Network and Augusta County Alliance), Dan Holmes (Piedmont Environmental Council), and Jim Norvelle (Dominion and Southeast Reliability Pipeline Project).  [51 minute audio]

8-11-14 Charlottesville Daily Progress:  Counties beyond Nelson seek Dominion pipeline proposal answers

8-10-14 NBC 29: Nelson County Supervisors Meet With Dominion About Natural Gas Pipeline

8-8-14 Staunton News Leader:  Dominion plans public outreach on pipeline.  Although Dominion will not answer questions from the public at meetings with county officials, the company plans to have more personal dialogue with the public during a series of public meetings scheduled for September.

8-7-14 Concerns on proposed Dominion pipeline discussed at Randolph County WV Commissioners meeting.

8-7-14 Spectra suspends pipeline proposal : The Highland County Recorder reports on suspension of Spectra’s north/south pipeline proposal.

8-7-14  The Recorder reports on Dominion’s presentation on August 5 to the Highland County Board of Supervisors.  (For audio of the meeting and follow-up questions, see the Meeting Reports page).

8-7-14 Lancaster [PA] Online: Update: Pipeline company bans survey crew for trespassing incidents; residents respond. Williams, the pipeline company, “acknowledged that the trespassing incidents did happen as landowners had alleged.”

8-6-14 Pennsylvania residents ask questions about pipelines (useful questions for landowners to consider) in these articles from the Lebanon Daily News (8-6-14) and the LancasterOnline (8-4-14).

8-5-14 A new report from the non-profit group Ceres shows Dominion Resources, the parent of Dominion Virginia Power, winning last place among investor-owned utilities on a nationwide ranking of renewable energy sales and energy efficiency savings. The link is to the blog post by Ivy Main (State Sierra Club Chair) about the report. For the full report, go here.

8-4-14 Allegheny Mountain Radio reports on meetings planned on the pipeline route in Pocohontas County WV and Highland County VA.

8-2-14 Charlottesville Daily Progress:  Proposed pipeline a “public” need?  ” Virginia and federal laws allow utility companies to take your property using eminent domain under the guise of ‘public use.’ I also found the public has no say in what is considered ‘public use.'”