No, Not a Done Deal

Despite what Dominion wants you to think, the ACP is NOT a done deal. Thanks to Mara Eve Robbins for this reflection on where we are now.

Several people, over the past couple of days, have approached me with regret–and even apology–about the recent decisions by the NC DEQ and the WV DEP and the FERC to issue water permits for the ACP and federal construction “approval” for the MVP in WV. They’ve said things like “I’m so sorry that the pipeline has been approved.” As if we are going to simply accept these certifications at face value and quit fighting. As if they mean we have to swallow what lies they throw our way. NOPE. Spit them out and keep pushing back, moving forward, showing up. Please.

The corporations and regulatory agencies play this card exactly how you might expect them to, by jumping on the media bandwagon to shout their “victory.” To assure us that they are taking all the necessary precautions.

Please do not believe them.

There are many landowner lawsuits still pending. There are legal challenges to the very application of eminent domain and the natural gas act. There are inherent contradictions in the scope of the permits issued by the VA DEQ regarding erosion and sedimentation, wastewater treatment and the ludicrous assertion that the DEQ is supposed to oversee the removal of trees but not the cutting of trees. Classic “chicken or the egg” scenario. Utterly ridiculous. Please do not fall for it.


So please, ask someone who has been fighting this for nearly four years how we will keep fighting. Ask us what there is to be done NOW. Keep speaking out about the value and worth of our clean water which is a far more precious commodity than fracked gas will ever be. Keep saying NO PIPELINES. Because we are not stopping until we STOP THE PIPELINES and there are still so many things we can do. Are doing. Will do. Will CONTINUE to do.

Try this instead: “Wow, there’s been some discouraging news this week regarding the pipelines. That must be difficult. How can I help?” We need support, not sympathy. We need hands on deck, not to be thrown overboard. We need you to believe US, not Dominion or EQT or Duke or NextEra and their PR clowns. We need you to challenge the powers that be side by side with us, relentlessly: Governors, congress, senators, delegates, local government, regulatory officials, industry, corporate media.

We must not give up, give in, or slow down. Now is the time to fight harder, combat and contrast the ridiculous media window open briefly to these perceived “approvals.” Because the people united will never be defeated. And the people overwhelmingly oppose these fracked gas monstrosities breathing down the necks of those who care about our region, our neighbors, our water, our mountains and our climate.

Water is Life. Protect it. STOP THE PIPELINES.