Norman Bay Calls for Review of Shale Gas Development

In a five-page statement accompanying FERC’s February 3, 2017, ruling approving a 99-mile pipeline through Pennsylvania and New York, Commissioner Norman Bay, whose resignation from FERC was effective at the end of that day, gave his perspective on the impact of the shale gas revolution, praising it for helping reduce electricity prices and carbon emissions but expressing concern about methane emissions and the potential for pipeline overcapacity.

RTO Insider reports that “Bay called on the commission to ‘analyze the environmental effects of increased regional gas production from the Marcellus and Utica’ shale regions.

” ‘Despite the growing importance of Marcellus and Utica gas production — it was 22.5 Bcfd in 2016 and is projected to surpass 44 Bcfd by 2050 — the commission has never conducted a comprehensive study of the environmental consequences of increased production from that region,’ Bay noted. He said FERC should consider ‘the downstream impacts of the use of natural gas and … a life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions study.’ ”

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