Northam’s Empty Campaign Promise

An April 28, 2018 article in Blue Virginia points out that “It’s been almost a year since Ralph Northam PROMISED – in response to a question (see video [above]) about the proposed Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast Pipelines: ‘Pam, my wife, and I are going to go around, we want to sit down, we want to have focus groups and talk about how we an protect our environment as best we can, how we can use what leverage we have to make it safe, to make it scientific, to make it transparent, to protect people’s property rights…let’s sit down, put our heads together and talk about as a group how we can move forward…we’re trying to set up times.’ OK, so have I missed something here? Has Ralph Northam held a single ‘focus group’ with concerned citizens on these pipelines? Let alone, has he gone out to visit the tree and ‘monopod’ sitters first hand? If not, why not?”