NRDC Outlines 10 Reasons to Stop MVP and ACP

In an October 23, 2017, blog post, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) says, “The National Environmental Policy Act requires that agencies undertake a robust analysis of reasonable alternatives before making a decision about a proposed project. In the case of these two pipelines, it’s been clear since the beginning that there are cleaner, safer, less destructive, and less expensive alternatives available.  Our list of concerns about these two pipelines is long, but here is an overview of the top ten, with more details to come in future blog posts.”

The top ten list is below – see the NRDC post for detailed explanations of each of the ten.

  • Corporate self-dealing
  • No documented need for either pipeline
  • Consumers will pay for these pipelines
  • No analysis of reasonable alternatives
  • No consideration of existing excess pipeline capacity
  • There will be severe risks to clean water
  • There are serious threats to air quality
  • Countless dangers for forests, endangered species, fish nurseries, and public lands that are used for recreation and other purposes
  • Environmental justice is at risk
  • Farmers and other landowners will lose their land