Online Maps Show Tree Cutting and Proposed Construction Schedule

Reeds Gap section

Wondering about Dominion’s tree cutting? Dominion Pipeline Monitoring Coalition’s Online Construction Schedule map now includes approved tree felling information.  Go to DPMC’s Web page, then, under Online GIS Mapping Systems on the right sidebar, click on ACP: Proposed Construction Schedule.

The map describes the proposed construction schedule for the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline through the mountainous counties of West Virginia and Virginia. The data was taken from Table 2.4-1 of the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS), Volume 1, dated 7/21/2017. The Tree Felling Areas were taken from the table in the Supplemental Request and adapted to the ACP Route. Note that distances are approximate, as the route has changed since July of 2016, but the *Mileposts* have not! Thus, linear distances between mileposts are often significantly more or less than one mile, making it difficult to zero in on exact “stop/start” points. Note that tree felling is only authorized where Dominion has obtained easements. Tree felling has not been authorized for National Forest Lands.

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