Petition: Demand Greater Scrutiny of the ACP and MVP

Earlier this month, Senator Tim Kaine called on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to hold rehearings for the Atlantic Coast (ACP) and Mountain Valley (MVP) fracked-gas pipelines.

Show your support for Senator Kaine’s request and urge your Congressional representatives to do the same!

The ACP and MVP would be the largest emitters of greenhouse gases in the region with more than 95 million tons of GHG emissions per year. These pipelines would increase the threat of climate change and impose significant environmental damage to our mountains, streams and rivers.

We don’t need these pipelines to meet our energy needs. Companies like Dominion Energy have created the illusion of demand by selling the pipeline’s capacity to their own subsidiaries.

Sign the Sierra Club petition! Ask your representative to call on FERC for rehearings now!