Q and A Session on the Air Permit Draft

Virginia’s Department of Environmental Quality held an information session in Buckingham on the air quality permit for the Union Hill compressor station on August 16, 2018. Friends of Buckingham reports that there were many good questions and the DEQ Air staff gave lots of good answers. But there are many issues that they weren’t able to address. In the briefing, when asked if it was correct that all but the most random and incidental compliance monitoring for the compressor station would be done by the corporation running it, DEQ representatives reluctantly said yes. When asked if the consequences for non compliance were stated in the draft air permit or were clearly stated anywhere, they said no.  Citizens continue to be concerned about safety issues around explosions, lack of an emergency plan, the need for a health study and risk assessment, whether the standards are really going to protect anyone, and whether the monitoring and compliance efforts will be strongly enforced. 

Before the meeting the community gathered with visitors from across the state for prayer, song, food and the blessing of Buckingham and Nelson County Virginia Water Flags Project flags. “We bless this water which sustains our lives with our faith and our intention to protect it. We bless this clean air which sustains our lives with our faith and our intention to protect it. We bless this community which makes our lives meaningful with our faith and our intention to protect it.”

The Buckingham Compressor Station (BCS) draft permit is the subject of a public comment period beginning August 8, 2018 and ending September 11, 2018. The comment period is specifically for the BCS draft air permit and does not pertain to issues outside the scope of the draft permit such as zoning, noise, traffic or safety.  Comments will only be accepted during the formal comment period. Comments received either before or after the advertised start and end dates) August 8-September 11, 2018) will not be part of the record and will not be considered.

Send your comments to DEQ!  See instructions in our August 2, 2018 post.