Requests to Survey for Alternate Route

Alternate route landowners: Did you just receive a “request” from Dominion to allow them to survey? Please see this letter Friends of Nelson prepared to answer the most important questions that new landowners may have.  Send back your certified letter denying permission to survey!  And, since they say they will start surveying on Monday March 2nd, you should also call their toll-free number immediately to verbally deny permission.  That number is 888-895-8716.  If you get an answering service, leave your name, phone number, and state that you are denying permission to survey; a representative will call you back.

Additional steps you should take:

  • Put  up “NO TRESPASSING’ signs
  • If anyone comes to your property, ask them to leave.  If they don’t leave, call the Sheriff (434-263-7050) and report a trespassing incident.

Remember – you CAN deny permission, and this IS an effective tactic to stop the pipeline in Nelson County.  We need to act as a community to deny them access to large portions of the route.