SELC Files Legal Opinion: Not Enough Demand for ACP

The Southern Environmental Law Center filed a last-minute opinion saying there isn’t enough market demand for a $6 billion pipeline. PJM Interconnection, the group that controls the electricity grid in Virginia, provided data to SELC on current and future electricity needs showing significantly less need than that claimed by Dominion. The difference of 3,515 megawatts is a gap between Dominion’s claims and the PMJ data that is the equivalent of two massive power plants Virginia doesn’t need.

C-Ville interviewed SELC’s Greg Buppert, who told them, “I think the bottom line here is that Dominion is rushing forward with a project that has real questions about its public necessity. FERC is also not looking at the issue. Once this pipeline is in the ground, ratepayers will be stuck with it. Landowners will have lost their property to Dominion, and, at that point, it’s going to be too late to say this project wasn’t really needed. The problem is no one is looking; no regulators are asking this question right now.”

Read the C-Ville article here.